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Quite a weird post this one..4 am Indian time post as I dare myself to post something quite short and fast. I wonder whoz gonna read it at this odd hour of the day. You guyzz must be busy partying and reached home all sloshed. The last thing you gonna do is to crash on the bed. Neways, this is the least of my major concern or yours..coz tomorrow is Sunday. I work tomorrow and how bout screwing your happiness!
To start with is 4 a.m the proper time to have sex? At least, I am not doing it. But, indeed writing at the odd hour gives me orgasmic sexual pleasure..Wait!Hell! I'm just kidding. I've been sitting and writing my script and it is the proper time to do so coz the whole world is in quest of sensual pleasures or sleeping. So, no living organism is taking the slightest pain to disturb me and my world. I have already finished two pages. So, I guess the script is moving, quite so in a dreamy direction, not to say positive which sounds quite boring to me. I mean the word since I've been using it too much.
Night owl! Where art thou! A time to get creative and it works best. Trust me on that point. It's making sense to me right now..was planning to jump on and create a short story..But, tomorrow office. See the mint time..I mean 4 a.m is confined to the blog and see the world of fucking illusion as monotony of work's upmanship over creativity..All's not sooo gory gory for me..
A time to kill not really..I am conversing with you, beautiful people at the cost of my sleep on the couch,ooops sorry,my ed who is waiting for me..patient bed,I shall joim you in a few minutes and we shall make love.
Buzz off...chal, kalti maarta hai apun:)
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