Dancing in the rains

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The storms seams through the village past midnight in the seeping winter.
As the villagers storm from their sleep, the reek in panic and chaos runs in this small village, till now unfazed by the remote sound of an engine.
They implore God to save their village, children and possessions.
Alas! God did not consider it important to pay heed to their prayers.
He can be very ruthless, the symbol called God.
Realizing that nothing can be done to save their village, they are resigned to their fate, cursing God and their existing on earth.
They live in tinted glasses, with their daily activities-ploughing the field, cooking food and having a bidi. 
The village folks wear blind glasses, they held on to caste and race barriers for ages.
Suddenly, one family head realizes that his six year old daughter is missing from the hut.
They frantically call her and she gives no sign of being present in the house.
The storm must have carried her away while she was playing near the lake.
Pin drop silence in the village. Everyone knew that the angry god of storms have carried the pretty, lovely daughter of Atmaram and Shanto.
She was a darling in the village, loved by everyone for her zest for life.
Everyone decide to mourn the death of Luxmi in the midst of storm when they suddenly hear the voice, father, father, monsoon has come,come out fast monsoon has come.
It was Luxmi.
When asked where she has been in the storm, she said, I was standing by the lake when the first gush of monsoon came in our village.
The small girl could hold herself and danced in the rains.
She was so happy of being blessed by God, knowing that this season will be a ripe one for farmers in the village, there will be no dearth of water to drink.
She let herself loose, danced frantically. It was her way of saying thank you to God, oblivious of the storm.

-Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rains.

Good Morning folks,
let's njoy every second of life before it slip away. 
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