Janamdin mubarrak, Dad

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This 28 June,2111 Dad would have been 69. He passed away on 19 June, five days before his birthday. God bless him. I'm sure he is still present among us and is showering his blessings to everyone around us. It's his barsi today and how time passes so swiftly in the nick of time. A jolly good fellow who would proudly tell everyone that today is his budday coupled with his eyes beaming like a school boy. Keep rocking, birthday.
I still recollect him telling everyone that my son b'day is on 24 and mine on 28. Everyone on the planet were made aware that father and son share their b'days in the month of June. We would often have a drink together on our birthdays. It was celebration for the family and he was the architect of the celebrations. I was the doting son and I believe that I shall always be. After he came back home from work, he would take a bath and get ready for his birthday and menu a la carte: chicken curry with rice. His favourite. We would say cheers to that.
Any particular incident at home about Dad. There are so many, I'm sure. Right now, I am in no mood for that since I'm already half asleep. Okay, lemme try. He was obsessed by cleanliness and was a very disciplined soul. In short, he hated things lying down. He would always tell me, why your stuffs not in proper order in the room. Put some order and you have a table and a shelf. Still, everything is in a chaos. Then, after incurring the wrath, he would re-arrange all my stuffs in complete order the next day. Obviously, I was unaware of the fact and when I reached home,I was surprised to see the room in order.
I still remember that I was a huge fan of a soccer player when I was in school. Then one day, he bought a magazine with a huge poster of the dude and would place the magazine wide open on the bed. It was a beautiful surprise when I came back from tuition I saw my bed occupied by my hero.
Thanks a ton Dad for believing in me when everyone lost hope.
Cheers N Love
Your son, Vishal
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