The artist and his muse

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We woke up to the death of India's greatest and most charismatic artist Maqbool Fida(M.F) Hussain and most probably the greatest artist on a planet called the world.M F Hussain lived a youthful life and a portrait of a man and his muse on the canvas of life.
There are questions raised on the hypocrisy of politicians and government of India. Through his living existence, we failed to acknowledge M F Hussain. Yet, on his death we greedily acknowledged him as ours. Yet, we forced him into exile. Yet, we luxuriously chose gundagardi over humanity. Have we failed as Indians?Is it our biggest mistake made? There are lessons to be learned for us as Indians and draw upon? We are the biggest democracy in the world. There is no question on that. Yet, we failed in protecting a national treasure, a kohinoor.
I have the utmost respect for M F Hussain as an artist. Yet, it depends on how we react to events in a secular, democratic set up. Do we react as individuals or as Hindus, Muslims or Christians? We have a right to be offended and offended. Don't like the trailer, don't buy the tickets. As simple as that.
An artist has the right to express itself in whichever possible manner. It is the free flow of human energy and emotions and Hussain expressed himself.He painted and depicted Godesses,like he depicted the beauty of Madhuri Dixit. Not pleasing to some who will jump at the next opportunity to gain political and religious mileage. The biggest farce of everything and above everything . As a society, we never learned to be tolerant and it seams to be an utopian tale much to the disdain of life.
Sad that a man of his stature was forced into exile and driven out of his own country. Till fundamentalists exist, Art can never conquer. Intelligence and aesthethics must bow to them.
May your soul rest in peace, Hussain saab.
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