Miss you Dad

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Hi fellas!!!
Just had a coffee in a my branded Nescoffee mug and it's the perfect time to blog ripe at 1 a.m. So far, had a good day and spent the whole evening at ma sister's house and relished on chicken cooked by her husband. I caught between a jolly good mood, frustration and sadness.
Jolly good mood u know the reason. A pleasant day and well spent with the kids, being a kid myself. Frustrated at the state of things. For six months, I failed to continue my short story. It's not that I lack ideas. Contrary to that, ideas are brimming in my head but the problem is that I started a short story but so far I'm stuck. I ain't leave without finishing this one. I started the story and I shall finish it. Right now, a note book is open and a pen are lying beside me on the table.A story of a couple who just married. They are not able to communicate with each other as the husband makes effort to make the relationship while the wife has drawn a curtain. The female character was struck by a tragedy. God knows when ideas will flow. Writer's block.
It's been four years since Dad passed away on June 19, five days before my birthday and 9 days before his. I was in the hostel in Mumbai when I received the news that he has suddenly fallen ill and is in the hospital. Before leaving for home, I remembered Anwar telling me, you must be strong. Fight for your rights always, you are an Indian. These words shall remain etched in my heart. I remembered the night which was falling. I wasn't able to sleep and was suffocated. I received support from all quarters, family and friends. I still remember the day when he was discharged from hospital. He slept in my room while I slept on the sofa. Didn't realized that it was to be his last night with us.
The next morning when I woke up, he was slowly giving up on life. Never I thought that death will conquer his soul. He looked at me with sadness and love. I guess people know that their last hours are approaching. Four years been a long time and how time passes so swiftly. I still vividly remember the day as his dead body laid on the floor. Dad was resting so peacefully. I came to terms with it. Mom didn't and she still has regret. Thank you Dad for everything. God bless your soul and I know you are always with us. I know that as I am writing you are all smiling and looking at me as you always did, wondering what I am doing so late and telling me to sleep.
Love you Dad.
Good nite

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