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Mumbai 2005: I alighted at VT station and found my way  out of the station at 6 p.m. I chose to walk, a heavy bag on my shoulders, all the way to Colaba. Now, with less money in my pockets I need a cheap motel to stay. Finally, found a small room at a South Indian place and everything got settled in Rs 100 bucks per day. Not bad for a five days deal. Imagine Rs 500 rent in what is known as the most expensive place in Mumbai. Dude! Its Sobo( South Bombay)
Colaba is an enticing and beauty for the eyes during the night as one stroll through the cause, opposite Leopold Cafe. One can see throngs of gora foreigners, some Jmaicans guys trying to sell Hashish and other drugs, touts trying to entice passers by and the fake sellers of Dolce and Gabbana coaxing you into buying their products. They won't let you go and a price of decent shirt may easily fall from Rs 600 to Rs 80, provided you understand their trick and be a smart ass.
Go for a long walk and near Picadilly hotel, there is a guy selling Kurta and decent shirts ranging between Rs 120 to Rs 180. Typical street malls in Colaba and very comfortable, indeed. You are dressed for the day. The view of Colaba causeway easily comes straight from a film reel, at least this is what I think. It's totally awesome. On another day, I remember being pursued by one guy selling a map of India which I finally bought for Rs 100 bucks. I remember saying no and this chap followed me from Causeway to Gateway. Finally, I gave in! This is Mumbai for you. I was new in the city. Every time, I visit the maximum city, I end up staying for more days than actually planned for. It is such a crave and addiction. 
The honking of our classic blue and yellow cabs, the red BEST buses, the awesome crowd, cafe Leopold, Sports Express bar, Cafe Mondegar, touts,sellers of all kind of stuffs-necklaces, earrings, bracelets, the beautiful and super hot women, the goras makes it a life long experience. A moment to cherish throughout our life.I am not born in Mumbai but it is a magnet. Over the years, I have grown to accept the city as my own, amchi mumbai--I made it my home and how I miss hoem now. It's been more than 2 years.
Till, Mumbai part 2 happens for me.
(To be continued....)
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