Water!Water!Have mercy at least!

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They prayed for water to lash.
The God of rains ain't listening as their drought is tearing humanity apart.
Love is not enough. The price of gold is falling relentlessly.
Yet!The tiny droplets of water is dearer than fortune amassed my men for aeons.
The children are starving. Flowers are in a depressing mood, as if they could shed tears.
The animals in the farm are thirsty,longing for drops of the ocean.
God is powerless and perhaps facing the wrath of the demons.
Killing the mighty has become so easy. Yet!Water is the new demon in the age of ruthless drought.
We are living in black ages.
Saints and seers successfully failed in their prediction theory.
Godmen have lost it. They have incurred their wrath as one of them already died and the other one was compelled to break his fast due to mental, physical and intellectual collapse.
The Earth is coming to a standstill.
Or is it?
A new Tsunami seem to knock at the door.
Men behaved like animals for long, exploiting and killing each other.
Perhaps, they are paying for their sins.
Governments have successfully played with the lives of citizens.
Corruption, nepotism, casteism, racism everywhere!
They call it the chess game as the commoners are dying from thirst.
Vegetables and waters are thicker than blood.
The rains are mightier than the sword.
They blame it on the forces of nature as they washed their hands away from their responsibilities.
They refuse to acknowledge their failures in managing our dams, rivers,lakes and reservoirs.
They have been sitting on their laurels for long.
A new uprising in the name of water.
Till a new dawn come.
The rains shall pour.
They will tell us they are a good government and God is showing its kindness.
Till then,we shall sacrifice our thirst for them.
Nepotism never paid so much as they sit and drink in luxury.

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