Frothy week end

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Back to the grind. Hello Monday! Had a supa week end...Spent quality time with my sister and her kids over tea and dinner. Sunday came and here I indulged in creative work..read Rushdie's Fury and Blessed days with Osho, penned by one of his follower going by the name Ageh Bharti. Brownie point: The man didn't got his final work properly edited as there are many spelling mistakes.
Feeling jolly and happy happy..u know why? coz had saturday and Sundays off and here I work for four days and Friday I'm off. I changed my off day since Friday is my b'day. Come B'day I will be lazing at off,gonna buy myself Shantaram as I revisit Mumbai through the eyes of David Gregory Roberts. It is treat and why not?Post that I'll indulge myself in a pair of Levis jeans after I bought an earlier one in February/ March. I believe that we must be eternally grateful to the Almighty for blessing us as we see the light of the day. Come Friday, perhaps no birthday bums, no cake cutting but grateful to live through the day. But, but, we are growing a year older and it freaks me sometimes..Will try to be graceful as I grow a year older..Bingo! Shut up! I'm not yet 30 so why I'm scaring myself..though I am not far from this cycle
Coming back to smooth super week end..Yes, I was able to do my creative writing as I sit down and continued my short story plus been writing my script about a smoker. Basically, wanna make a short film of 7 to 10 minutes long. A psychological thriller, I would say. How I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so that I could afford myself the luxury to do so many things..No girl friend..Yeah! It's cool! You know why..dunno how I would balance my time since love shov would take my whole day. But, I am searching for someone. For how long, can someone been lonely on this planet. There is something called desire and love.
Me heard, the monsoon has started in Mumbai and I truly miss those beautiful times in maximum city with maximum rains. The best monsoon falls in Mumbai. Pointer: Get set in the heavy rains and go and sit at Marine Drive or Bandra bandstand..you will know what I mean. I spent wondrous moments in Mumbai monsoon as your newly acquired black umbrella tears itself apart as you ran to catch it. This is Mumbai for you. Don't forget to steal a kiss..a long passionate smooch at Marine Drive as you get yourselves drenched. Celebrate life. Monsoon is soooo soooo sexy and hot.

How I spent my frothy week end
-Woke up at 11.30 on saturday

-Had dinner with my nephew and niece

-Reading Salman Rushdie's Fury-check it out

-Come Sunday:
Gave tuition to my student

-Slept a lot: yeah right full three hours nap in the afternoon

-Watch Anjaana Anjaani on DvD-been trying to play the Swadesh video rather unsuccessfully..The DvD had problems..me gave up.

-Wrote my script..not finished yet, just started. It's moving thank God..the best time to write is between 11 to 3 a.m

Have a great day.
Njoy da rains.... 
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