Happy Birthday to me

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June 24,it's my birthday which came and went..no wait there is 55 minutes more for me to celebrate ma budday..Yay! Im the b'day boy and I share ma b'day with quite a few people, Alex, Rucha and Urvashi and so many who were born on June 24.
I am grateful and elated as I woke up to the sms wishes, email, FB mail and wall messages. I made it a point to reply to everyone who wished me on my birthday. I'm grateful to the wondrous friends and well wishers around who chose to make my birthday so special and wonderful. Then, there is the others who didn't wished due to the sheer lack of time,laziness and not feeling to wish me. It's entirely their call. But, I know even if you haven't wished me personally, I can still sense your positive feelings, good vibes and blessings sent to me. For choose to ignore, I can understand that with time, we are all busy in life and have far more important friends to rely on as well as doing far more important fun stuffs to do. There are friends who gradually moved away and you feel you are no longer wanted. But, I shall always think of the good moments spent. Life moves on and as I sing.mein zindagi ke geet hamesha gaata chaala.

I am eternally grateful for the wishes on the part of everyone. Thanx a zillion people. So what was the b'day boy's plan? I woke up to b'day wishes and read a story in TIME, Forever Young..couldn't have agreed more with dat and it reassured me that I am very very young and life can wait for me-be it love,marriage and whateva serious stuffs people do to fit in.I ain't into the game of fitting in to society's rules and regulations. Then, met some family friends and kids..Yay! I got a holder as a small gift from aunty. I treated myself with Shantaram and I finished reading the first 2 chapters. It reminded me of my beautiful days in Mumbai and as I read the book, I painted a picture of Mumbai, a truly awesome city. I am revisiting the book by David Greegory Roberts for the second time and it makes for a good awesome read. The first time I was reading it in my hostel room@Churchgate and in the famous locals. This time, I can only miss the city.
Think me going to catch a movie, Love and Other Drugs in some time. yeah, I did had a Vodka on moi b'day. It was a truly wonderful birthday. Next year, perhaps in some other city, I shall describe my b'day. At least that's my b'day wish.
B'day cookie: Beware, I stopped growing when I turned 18.
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