Divorcing Over Sushi- Episode 10

Sushmita was surprised to see me bringing her bed tea and tray full of biscuits when she woke up. She wrapped her head in a thick bed sheet and spoke in barely audible voice, "You bringing tea and that too, so early. Pehle! You never did that." I sat on the chair and smiled. Something was happening to me and I don't know what we call that. Is it a change in mood due to the new Monsoon season at Lonavla? I have been experiencing weird feeling between the time I went to bed and woke up. So many things is playing spoilt sport to our divorce and now, I am not sure that I am party to the breaking up.Perhaps, why I stole Sush's sushi.
She jumped out of the bed and run towards the kitchen where I could hear some frantic noise where vessels were making some music, 'Look for me Baby.' I wondered whether Sushmita dreams of Sushi in her sleep. I hear her shouting for me, "Adi! Adi! Come here." I pretend to be on phone and she stormed in the room. She was yelling, "Where is my Sushi? Where the fuck has the food gone?" It spell trouble for me, and, obviously, I cannot take it out of my stomach to give it back to my so-called better half with whom I drive all the way from Mumbai to discuss peaceful divorce, amidst some creamy and thrilling sex session, in Lonavla.
I tried my level best to act funny, "Look for it well, it's not inside kya. May be you have eaten everything coz you are Sushi obsessed." I made an innocent face like a two-year-old." Sushmita lowers the tone of voice and said, "No! Mister! I remember very well that I left some since I wanted to have it in the morning. Why do you lie? It sucks and you know that I was looking forward to have some in the morning."
I smile and said, "Arre, yaar! I was feeling hungry and now you are angry for such a small thing. It's just food, yaar."
She looks at me straight into the eyes to show that she was upset. "Listen! It's not a question of you eating the food, yaa. Remember, I offer to share the food but you said that you don't want to have. I assumed that you will not have it since you hate Sushi and was looking to have it in the morning. It's just not right." She turned and walked away from the room.
I have never been able to understand this woman who can get angry with a small thing as Sushi. One can never know how she will react and change her mood depending on I don't know what. Still, she is my wife and I am falling in love over and over again. I never thought that in my widest dream that I would eat something that I hate, Sushi and I will fall in love with someone at the time we were plotting for divorce. We are here to discuss our divorce strategy and I am in love with her. I don't want to let her go now and, not even in my wildest dream, I will let her go. But, how? I never thought that my married life will get so complicated.
She came back to the room and said, "Listen! Now, that you ate my Sushi, you gotta buy me some." She smiled and she has melted. "You were very hungry at night,na." I nodded sheepishly like a child. Sushmita smiles with a cho chweet. "Chalo! Let's go for food now," she gave me a peck on the cheek. I couldn't help falling in love with her. When you are in love with someone, you start loving everything she does, say or eat. You find the things that irritate you so cute and I wonder whether you are in love with the person or the moment.
On our way to the restaurant, Sushmita suddenly ask, "Adi!! Are you still angry, kya? Acha, sorry but it was not my intention to hurt you." She was speaking lovingly and ran her fingers on my face, "Say something, na." She can be sweet and can get away with crime easily. I said, "Nahin, yaar, I am not angry."
"Then, why are you so silent?" she asked calmly.
Now, how do I tell her I am in love with her again. I tried to avert her gaze, "I was thinking of something, actually."
"Then, tell na," she prodded.
We reached the restaurant. We ordered for food and was sitting at the table. She broke the silent and, by looking at her, I knew that she was suspicious about my silence. I was scared that she might get to know about the change in my behavior. Finally, she spoke, "I have decided that we need to speak to a lawyer since our reason for divorce is making it difficult for both of us to work it out. I just can't lie, yaar and I spoke to a lawyer. We have a meeting with him on Monday."
I got a jolt and my heart tanked. I couldn't react and bear to live without Sushmita. I muttered, "Theek hai! If you have decided what's the best option for both of us, we will go with that."
She smiled, "I'm still thinking what to tell our parents."
I suggested, "You know since divorce takes a long time, we can come up with a plan that we are going to UK for three months and set matters from there. We will not tell our parents anything and, the moment this lawyer of yours sort thing out, we shall come back.".
"Good idea," Sushmita said with a tinge of sadness on her face.
Yeh emotions, I tell you. It can really screw the most rational person and she is the one who thinks clearly between us. I am the most illogical one since I think with the heart.
We drove back to Mumbai during the afternoon. When we entered Mumbai, we were again greeted by traffic snarl but it was not raining this time. We almost forgot that it's 26 January, India's Republic Day celebration. Children were on the street, happily waving India's tricolor flag. Sushmita urged me to stop the car in the middle of the traffic as she jumped towards some street urchins and hugged them. She can be unpredictable and, till the time I parked the car, I saw her buying balloons and some pastries for the children. I never saw this Sushmita before and no matter how much I try to prevent it, I am falling in love with her. She held my hand and said, "They are very cute,na. Let's click some pictures with them." I couldn't say no as she grabbed a poor laborer who clicked the picture with her cell phone. She was in a jolly mood and told the guy, "Thank you, Bhaiyaa. Happy Republic Day."
We are planning to divorce each other but clicking picture with a huge smile on our faces. Nobody could say that we will live separately in the future. We reached home and were greeted by a horde of visitors. We made an excuse that we are tired and going to sleep. We hate meeting the irritating guests.  Sushmita dozed off on the bed and I can see a very happy and smiling face, lying on bed. I wasn't feeling sleepy and managed to sneak out of the house.
I watched Jab We Met alone at the mall and I needed the 'ME' time after how my life was suddenly changing. I have fallen in love with my wife and enjoying the candy floss romance in the theater, among romantic couples cuddling and whispering small nothing into each other's ears. I was yearning for Sushmi's presence by my side. I am missing her.

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