Divorcing Over Sushi-Episode 9

We set on a bumpy ride from Mumbai to Lonavla as the car keep stumbling on pot holes due to the heavy rains lashing in the city. It's been an hour and the car is moving still and dangling it's way in the city. I am getting pissed and wondering when on earth we are going to reach Lonavla to discuss divorce matters..well not just any kinda divorce but over Sushi.
As we drove in the traffic, 'Ajeeb Dastan hai yah, kahan shuru kahan khatam' was playing on Red FM and we burst off laughing. The song has something to do with our current married status and I was like, WTF!!!! Nobody even hum this song nowadays after faking an orgasm or after sex gone wrong. Sushmi slapped me on my right hand but I was laughing intentionally just to irritate her. It's damn tough to irritate her today since she is in a jovial mood. I wonder why and got the hint. Perhaps, she is up to something naughty and it's been racking my brain. The rain stopped abruptly as we were able to move out of Mumbai and sped on the highway. We reached Lonavla past midnight.
We checked in the guest house and we were sitting on the sofa, watching TV when the phone buzzed. It was Pinky Mausi who just happened to visit our home and she was told that we are in Lonavla. Oh No! Not again, I thought. It's the same irritating Pinky Mausi who pissed both of us at the wedding and nodded to her relationship advice in yes and no. I just wanted to thwart her nefarious concern about both and Sushmita. I said, "Haan! Mausi! She is sitting beside me and here, talk to her," as I threw the mobile like a tennis ball towards Sushmita's who grabbed it expertly. "Yes, Mausi!! No, we are not planning for the time being..Ok..Mausi, thank u, no problem..sure," Sushmita was pissed and wanted to get rid of her who wasn't willing to let go.
Sushmita gave me threatening look and just lashed, "You know, this Mausi of yours is so irritating. She just doesn't get and why the fuck you nicely passed the phone to me." I was having fun and just laughing at Sushmita who threw the pillow at me. I laughed, "What she asked?" Sushmita was not amused, "Don't ask!! When are we planning to make a baby???? Arrgg! We should make the most of Lonavla."
Pinky Mausi will always trouble us with her baby obsession and every time she meets us, she will go on and on on how important it is to have a child that will bring us happiness. I haven't seen such a funny situation. Here, we are plotting for a divorce and the time we reached, somebody just call to wish us happy honeymoon and baby-ing.
Suddenly, it started raining in Lonavla and we are confined to the guest house. Sushmita was the smartest and she already ordered Sushi, her favorite plate. This women, I'm sure, she harass air hostesses and stewards when she travel for Sushi and if she doesn't get it on air, she will raise a ruckus. It's past midnight and I can't get anything to eat. Thankfully, I bought some chikki on the way and guess, will do with that.
"Hey!" Sushmita called from the kitchen, "I'll keep some from you," She said mockingly, knowing very well that I hate Sushi. I said no and convinced her that my stomach is full. There is no way I am going to have Sushi and that too left over, even if it means that I die of hunger.
We were sitting on the bed, having beer and munching on chips. She reminded me that we need to work on a fine tuned strategy to work our divorce that will look acceptable to our parents. She asked, "Are you very sure about the Sushi-cum-Noodle thingy? I lit a cigarette and said, "Listen! our logical parents will not bite the bait and will find it ridiculous that we are splitting because of food." Sushmita inches close to me and nodded. It's very rare that she agrees with me and smiled. "You remember how you send Dad this T-Shirt on our marriage and before that, your heated argument with him on soldiers." I laughed.
We are already drunk and I hold her close to me. She moves towards me and I pull her hair away to kiss her.  I was not in control, we were not in control. We started smooching as I feel the electrifying pull of her body towards me. She bites me in the earlobe. I run my finger down on her naked body as she smiles sheepishly. She urges, "What are you waiting for?" I was not in control of myself and something inside was asking what I am doing and we didn't came to Lonavla for honeymooning but plot our divorce. I didn't pay heed to that voice as I ran my hand on her boobs. I was getting drawn to her as she pulled my jeans. We stood naked on bed. She scratched my shoulders with her long finger nails and it didn't took us a second to get inside each other. She moaned. It was quite an effort. I was feeling guilty because both of us are looking to divorce but we ended up having sex.
I walked towards the kitchen and gulped a glass of water down the throat. I was feeling better. I came back to the room and saw that she was fast asleep. Sushmita looked beautiful and attractive like a swan. I was feeling damn hungry and took a bites of Sushi that was left in the fridge. I don't know why I didn't object eating the Sushi and quite enjoyed munching. It was a different feeling to eat Sushi, the favorite, of my wife or soon to be ex-wife. It was strange, eating stuff that I normally hate and am jealous of, the same Sushi that made us grew apart. Has Sushmita's soul got into me after sex which perhaps united two souls in conflict with each other? I dodged the question.
I spent the night sleeping on the couch and didn't slept next to Sushmita. Dunno why? The bed was a huge one that can accommodate two people but I prefer to sleep alone. But, it was a different kind of feeling. I slept peacefully that night.

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