Moist and the tide's flow

Flurry of moist emotions
Blame it on damp weather
Humid stratosphere
Feeling of sleeping and lying low
Lazy mood and moments
Cold sensation
I wanna do bungee jump
swim in icy water
Crazy thoughts
Momentary bliss
Words are the only solace
composing random lyrics
It's the beginning and limitless end
Passion lost and found
Free moments
Conquering the song of the moment
Capturing the spirit
Free flow of the tide
Fluttering of leaves
Slow movements
Breaking monotony
Reversing tide
Sitting still and counting droplet of water
Ease out



Bouquet of poems

Allegory of pleasure

Frothy lips with the taste of wine.
Craving for guilty pleasures.
Sensations dripping down;
Alcohol, lust and twist.
Drunk to heavenly bliss.
Dropping everything.
Untying the bra and laces.
Zipping down the pants.
Heads swirling in the air.
It's allegory pleasure.
Imagined in the head.
Wine and writing.
Kickass bed fellows.


Friends and the sound of guitar
Silly banter.
Eternal vows.
Thick like dust.
Time is an excuse.
String of friendship is,
like the sound of the guitar.
Anthem of life.
Climbing the stairs of life together.
Days of yore.

Dash of memory.
Bond that twist and spin time.
It's the real deal.


Silky and unbridled sensuality

Volcanic sensation.
Smoke curled past mountainous slopes and cavernous curves.
Silky and unbridled sensuality.
Yearning for the perfume of pleasure.
Puckered flowers.
Rose tinted flavor.
Cornucopia of emotions and expressions.
Hymn of life.
Gay abandon.
Lyrical flow.
Rhythm and echo.
Gamut of silliness and youthfulness.
Cooing of love birds.


Tickling clock and the list

As you age, have you ever wondered about things that you always wanted to do and guilty pleasures the heart and sense craves for? I am in my mid 30s and often wonder on reflections that would translate into reality, no matter how much it is a faraway distance dream from reality. Here it goes:

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1. Finishing this book that I've been trying to write since ages.

2. Chill out about things that freak me out. I am hyper by nature and want to be calm in the face of adversity.

3. Challenge myself and do things that shit scares me.

4. Write the script for a short film and execute it.

5. Travel the world and live in suitcases. It would be the dream job.

6. My savings balance is next to zero and high time to spare money in a bank account for rainy days or travel.

7. How I wish I didn't flinched in experimenting with life and dare to be adventurous in much younger days.

8. Learn how to drive. It's a shame that in my mid-30s I still don't know how to drive a car. It's something that scares me to death.

9. Learn a foreign language like Spanish or German and also a musical instrument, strumming the guitar.

10. Go on a dating spree and indulge in sweet nothings minus the romantic involvement.

11. Stop thinking too much before doing something new, bold and exciting.

12. Face my inner demons or getting scared for no reason.

13. Push myself to the cliff and explore life in equal measure to be able to say, Yes! I've done it.

14. Stop hanging on to the glorious or painful past that still haunts me to death.

15. Go with the flow and swim against the tide.

16. Be able to say No more often.

17. I've just started doing yoga but want to be more to be fitter by the day. Cut the fat slab.

18. Remain an inquisitive child forever.

19. Not getting bugged by people and this famous, log kya kahenge.

20. Stay in solitude. It helps.

21. I wanna be a nomad, hoping from one place to another and wandering aimlessly.

22. Be better at time management and be a super efficient multi-tasker.

23. Run my own start-up.

24.  Sing aloud on stage.

25. Be more positive as a person, flush out negative energy cum people.

The post was inspired by Preeti Shenoy's list.


A spicy lullaby

Love at first sight.

Intimacy on the rocks.

Morning cup of tea.

Lusty liquor.

Sweet whispers at night.

Lullaby of spicy romance.

Crouched in the nest.


Myriad colors of sensual encounter.

Tracing the journey.





Innate beauty in all forms,

victory and defeat. 

It's the end of it.

Perhaps not!

An endless adventure,

exploring unchartered horizons.

Dare to tread on the path.



Stroke of tiny finger.

Cupping faces.

Icy cold sensation.

Electric jolt.

Head twirled into one whole.




The sleep of envy

Image credit: http://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2016/08/sleeping-naked-920x690.jpg

Curled on the bed;
White sheet spread like balloon to wrap her half naked body;
Eyes closed like the doe;
Shining beauty;
Her round back twisted,
like an aesthetically traced work of art;
An artist's muse,
in the wild imagination of the erotic dance;
The sleep of envy;
Intimacy can be so beautiful and enticing;
She's the expression of sleeping beauty,
in various forms;
Like a magnet, she conquers the senses and minds;
Her long hair flew in abandon;
A heart seeking herself in unchartered territories;
Letting lose her heart;
She's no product of vanity;
A free spirit;
Tasting the nectar of passion in sleep;

Happy Sunday & love


YKA post: Celebrate Equality, Not Tokenism

Hiya! Happy International Women Day and read this.

Every March 8, we celebrate International Women Day where we pitch for change in the way we view women and tweet with hashtags for equality or respect and share massively on Facebook. Isn’t it time for us, men and women to move beyond mere tokenism and implement the changes that we want to see? Certainly, it demands a change in our mindset and courage to be able to stand for our women, against our elders, or for that matter, let her bloom as a human being.

I want to narrate what some of my female friends shared with me. After she got married, one of my friends told me how her in-laws tried to impose their cultural practice on her taking into account that both she and her husband belong to different castes. She gathered her strength and put her foot down. Really! It’s one thing that we fail to understand that a girl has left her home and parents to adjust to a new life and how we stifle her individuality by enforcing such ridiculous and stone aged practice. 

You can read the entire post on Youth Ki Awaaz where I aired my views on Women's Day. Click here.


Paid sex: Would you or not?!

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 We are all humans and young adults who have the urge and crave for sex from time-to-time. It's not about defying or betraying the law of gravity to quench the thirst for something as natural as sex. Hormonal changes happen in our body and biological clock ticking. After all, we don't want to be depraved as human beings.

It begs the questions that most of us are shy of asking, should we go for paid sex? It's not about defying social mores or morality but applies to both men or women, who hasn't fulfilled intimacy for a long time. There are many people who repress their sexual feelings, fantasize about celebrities, or the fact of suffering from sex-related depression, according to several studies undertaken by Sexpert.

I think we need to be more open-minded on the question of people paying to be indulged by the oldest profession in the world, Commercial sex workers. I have always been in favor of legalization of prostitution for several reasons, something we shall keep for later. The more we repress and make something illegal, the more danger or illegality lurks. To be very honest, there is nothing wrong for someone seeking sex in exchange for money. We are not just speaking about red light areas in big cities like Mumbai at Kamathipura or Congress House and in Kolkatta, Sonagachi. Hi-fi sex in the form of call girls or gigolos is common. After all, the peoples involved are not indulging in something illegal like killing someone, kidnapping or rape. We have seen so many rape cases in the country and across the world where innocent women are assaulted. Had those people gone to legal sex places, perhaps there would have been a curb in sex-related crimes!

We should stop wearing blinkers when it comes to sexuality. The only danger that lurks is the danger of Aids or STD where the person seeking sex as a service should take the precautions to avoid such dangers. Moreover, sometimes pervert assault the commercial sex worker and pose a hazard to the woman offering the service.

It's high time that Governments adopt a rational and flexible stand when it comes to sex business. Of course, I am not justifying the exploitation of young girls in the flesh trade. This is where the issues come to the fore. It's about men and women doing it at free will. We want to thwart forceful exploitation and time to be serious on the same by making it legal. That way, the women will be protected in terms of human rights.

The last argument in place: Why repress something as natural as sex? There will always be people soliciting the service and what is wrong in consenting adults where the provider of the service is fulfilling a human need and satiating the craving. There is nothing immoral but human needs, be it food, clothing, shelter or sex, for that matter. Repressing human needs are not the solution but hitting with an iron rod on the head is.

What is your take on the issue? The debate is open on paying for sex or not.



Whipping a storm

Whipping a storm;
Cracking the nut of love:
Cooking a passion:
Intimate nights:
Passionate kissing;
It's the language of need:
Quench the thirst;
Fight out the emotions:
Shackle off the conflicts inside and out:
Carry no guilt feeling;
You are a human:
Trace the body lines:
Chuck out the garments:
Bare naked and open the soul;

With love


100 Words Flash Fiction: Blood on her hands

She had blood on her hands. All she could think now was how to wipe off the stains to make it the perfect crime she was plotting since the last 48 hours.  The stench of alcohol and cigarette butt made her choke to death in the room. The window pain couldn't be pushed open for the fear of raising suspicions.  She looked like a dreaded criminal holding with menace the destructive weapon. Her glance traveled faster than the four corners of the room. The tomato ketchup bottled fizzled and it was popped up that flew in all directions.