The sleep of envy

Image credit: http://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2016/08/sleeping-naked-920x690.jpg

Curled on the bed;
White sheet spread like balloon to wrap her half naked body;
Eyes closed like the doe;
Shining beauty;
Her round back twisted,
like an aesthetically traced work of art;
An artist's muse,
in the wild imagination of the erotic dance;
The sleep of envy;
Intimacy can be so beautiful and enticing;
She's the expression of sleeping beauty,
in various forms;
Like a magnet, she conquers the senses and minds;
Her long hair flew in abandon;
A heart seeking herself in unchartered territories;
Letting lose her heart;
She's no product of vanity;
A free spirit;
Tasting the nectar of passion in sleep;

Happy Sunday & love
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