What's happening on Sunday?

What's hot and happening on a lazy Sunday? It's been ages that I haven't shared tit-bits about my life on this blog. There are lots and lots and hardly anything worth telling. First thing, it's been a long time that I haven't been able to catch a movie, first, there was Rangoon and now Badrinath Ki Dulhania that I gave a miss. I was planning to go for Badrinath today when something cropped up. In fact, there is a diplomatic gathering which I gotta attend, along with a friend-cum-colleague. The movie plan stands postponed for another day and thankfully, it will be showing next week as well and post that, I have Philauri to watch.

On the work front, it's been quite busy for us with the issue of our corporate client's magazine and our deadline has shifted from Friday to Tuesday which gives me quite some time to work on the story plus doing research. Nopes, March is not as crazy as it seems to us but just a little busier on the work front. Here, hoping to bag extra contracts to make more money as a freelance communications consultant-cum-writer. Being a freelancer and stay at work professional has its own set of challenges since you are always on the lookout for more assignments beyond the fixed money that comes one's way. It's been a learning rope.

The India trip was missed as the best friend came down from Australia to get married but thankfully, he is still in Mumbai for quite some time and hopefully, will be able to hop on by saving some cash to meet him. I am longing to be in India and it's been ages that I haven't traveled. I haven't read many books since the past one month, though been reading at a slow pace Hussain Zaidi's Bombay to Bangkok, a real account of the underworld rule in the city and Barkha Dutt's This Unquiet Land. I have also received a poetry book for review from a Canadian friend and looking forward to buy the autobiographies of Shashi Kapoor and Karan Johar as a couple of film related books on Gulzar or Rekha. There are so many things to do and today was planning for Badrinath ki Dulhania and working on my book. I am unsure of both because of the event that I gonna attend late evening. I have kept a diary, scribbling things to do and it really helps in keeping a timely reminder.

I am feeling in good health and much better shape since I've been regularly practicing yoga, one-hour weekly class and thrice for 20 minutes weekly practise at home. Both meditation and yoga have helped me to stay sane, be more focused and peaceful.

Finally, I got a brand new phone and it's a white-coated Sony Experia that hit the market in 2015. I am yet to understand its entire functionality and toggling with how the whole gadget work, leaving my four-year-old HTC behind. I was planning for an iPhone but after reading online, the next edition is going to be kickass and unique for Apple 10 year anniversary. The online grapevine is that Apple is planning something big and I better settle for a cheaper one before grabbing the collector's edition. There are plans also to learn driving this year and high time to hit the cudget to learn drive a car.

It's been long that I haven't been active on the dating and mating scene. I need to date and it's something that's been missing in my life for quite some. I forget how taking someone for a date looks like and high time to pull the socks in romance matters before I fade into a UFO.

See ya soon

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