Bouquet of poems

Allegory of pleasure

Frothy lips with the taste of wine.
Craving for guilty pleasures.
Sensations dripping down;
Alcohol, lust and twist.
Drunk to heavenly bliss.
Dropping everything.
Untying the bra and laces.
Zipping down the pants.
Heads swirling in the air.
It's allegory pleasure.
Imagined in the head.
Wine and writing.
Kickass bed fellows.


Friends and the sound of guitar
Silly banter.
Eternal vows.
Thick like dust.
Time is an excuse.
String of friendship is,
like the sound of the guitar.
Anthem of life.
Climbing the stairs of life together.
Days of yore.

Dash of memory.
Bond that twist and spin time.
It's the real deal.


Silky and unbridled sensuality

Volcanic sensation.
Smoke curled past mountainous slopes and cavernous curves.
Silky and unbridled sensuality.
Yearning for the perfume of pleasure.
Puckered flowers.
Rose tinted flavor.
Cornucopia of emotions and expressions.
Hymn of life.
Gay abandon.
Lyrical flow.
Rhythm and echo.
Gamut of silliness and youthfulness.
Cooing of love birds.


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