Flash fiction: Bailed for life by the blind law

It was the day of reckoning. The skinny and short fellow wore his best white and crisp shirt tucked inside cheap white trousers to appear in court. He was confident that the magistrate would give him bail and he will finally be a free man. He longed for his freedom to see the world, far away from his dark cell. They told him that the arrangements have been made to flee the country by sea and the boat would be waiting for him.

The magistrate walked his way inside the courtroom and everyone stood in deference to him. After all, the fate of the man longing for his freedom resides in the hands of the learned magistrate. It was the hand of God. The man in black eyed the accused and ushered him to the witness box. He asked, "So, what will you do if you are granted bail today?" The man bowed to the magistrate and confidently said, "I shall go to the lord?" The justice had an inkling what he meant by lord. He smiled and looked around. Time was running. The order must be executed. How he wished that man could be granted his last wish.

The magistrate maintained a straight face and announced, "Bail granted. We are releasing you." He removed his pen to write the order and a bullet pierced inside the heart of the accused. He has finally been granted bail for life. The sharp shooter, donning the garb of the magistrate disappeared from the courtroom as if he was some invisible force. After all, the pen did the trick and the underworld struck again in a court of law. Who says the law is not blind?!


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