Tickling clock and the list

As you age, have you ever wondered about things that you always wanted to do and guilty pleasures the heart and sense craves for? I am in my mid 30s and often wonder on reflections that would translate into reality, no matter how much it is a faraway distance dream from reality. Here it goes:

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1. Finishing this book that I've been trying to write since ages.

2. Chill out about things that freak me out. I am hyper by nature and want to be calm in the face of adversity.

3. Challenge myself and do things that shit scares me.

4. Write the script for a short film and execute it.

5. Travel the world and live in suitcases. It would be the dream job.

6. My savings balance is next to zero and high time to spare money in a bank account for rainy days or travel.

7. How I wish I didn't flinched in experimenting with life and dare to be adventurous in much younger days.

8. Learn how to drive. It's a shame that in my mid-30s I still don't know how to drive a car. It's something that scares me to death.

9. Learn a foreign language like Spanish or German and also a musical instrument, strumming the guitar.

10. Go on a dating spree and indulge in sweet nothings minus the romantic involvement.

11. Stop thinking too much before doing something new, bold and exciting.

12. Face my inner demons or getting scared for no reason.

13. Push myself to the cliff and explore life in equal measure to be able to say, Yes! I've done it.

14. Stop hanging on to the glorious or painful past that still haunts me to death.

15. Go with the flow and swim against the tide.

16. Be able to say No more often.

17. I've just started doing yoga but want to be more to be fitter by the day. Cut the fat slab.

18. Remain an inquisitive child forever.

19. Not getting bugged by people and this famous, log kya kahenge.

20. Stay in solitude. It helps.

21. I wanna be a nomad, hoping from one place to another and wandering aimlessly.

22. Be better at time management and be a super efficient multi-tasker.

23. Run my own start-up.

24.  Sing aloud on stage.

25. Be more positive as a person, flush out negative energy cum people.

The post was inspired by Preeti Shenoy's list.

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