Things I want to do in the next two years

 I am a procrastinator. I keep delaying thing forever.  Ultimately, nothing gets done and I keep cursing myself for that. It's Now or Never. Time to work on the very short goals, one at a time, to get things done and dusted. There are few small things that I should do and be armed with the determination to fulfill them. There is no point dilly-dallying like this. It's simple but I've made them a herculean task as if I am climbing a mountain of snow.

1. Learn driving
Driving is a necessity in today's time. It's a real shame that I am in my mid-30s and clueless about driving a car. It's a phobia that I have about driving but need to tackle and overcome it at the earliest. Come next month, I am determined to buy the rule book about the road and grab the leaner's license before steering the wheel.

2. Start saving money

I have already started on that and have an SBI account which will now be used to save money for the yearly holiday, buying the expensive iPhone and to have funds for the rainy days. I don't have any saving and last month was the first time that I transferred 2k in my second bank account. Mom keeps urging me to put some notes and coins in my piggy bank. I have also joined a life insurance scheme this month.

3. Write a poetry book

It's been a real struggle to work on my novel and it's been going on for a couple of years. It's time to give wings to my dream of being a published author and a short poetry book is very much possible.  Now, I need no lame excuse not to do it and every week, I will write a poem to get it saved on my laptop. I also have plans to revive my short stories which I wrote in a note aeon ago and need to scan them on the laptop.

4. Learn a new language

There are so many different languages which I want to learn and it's not humanly possible to do every one of them. At least, I can start with Spanish or German or fulfill the old dream of being comfortable with my Marathi which I know few basic words only. I have two books on Learning Marathi and think that I will devote one hour every fortnight, reading and taking notes.

5. Travel every year

Now, this plan seems a bit far-fetched but there is no reason that I cannot dream big on meeting new people, go on an adventurous thrill and live the life of a local in a new place. I want to travel places and discover myself as a free spirit. The hitch is that I don't have such kind of money but if there is a will, there is a way by offering my freelance services as a writing professional and saving more cash by cutting on unnecessary luxury expenses and smoking.

6. Push myself to the edge

I need to be young again and experiment with life by taking risks without being wary of the consequences, something that I haven't done in a real long time. I am scared of things and events. It's the time to overturn the tide and trust my instinct to boost my confidence. I wanna stop playing safe to uplift and empower myself.

7. Keep up to date with my diary

I have a personal diary since 2010 and need to be more regular, sharing in private and opening my heart out.  In today's stressful times, we are not shielded from a depression or emotional shake up and writing is one medium which is very therapeutic, far away from online forums such as blogs to face our identity and let the real us come alive. I promise not to miss out this wonderful companion which is the personal diary.

Happy Sunday
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