Love shot: Him and Her in Mumbai

"I am waiting for you at Bandstand,"  she enthusiastically shouted on the phone. "No, do not give me the lamest excuse. I just want you to be there in time." He protested, "But, Baby! I mean, how and why!" She cut her iPhone off on his nose.  He was in the middle of an important meeting and had no choice but to apologize to the client, citing an urgent call from his office. He got away with that and broke the traffic signal in his modest Maruti 800, giving the cops a slip to finally reach Bandstand in time.

She was not to be seen and he cursed under his breath. As it is, coming late is the hallmark of ladies for a date they themselves have set up. He was fuming and wondered how he dashed his way to Bandra, all the way from Churchgate and canceling all appointments just because it was Madam call and the usual pretense to sulk on the phone. She sashayed her way inside the crowded Barista in another good one hour where he spent the time smoking and gulping two cups of coffee.  He grinned sardonically, "Oh! I was imagining a film in my head, Happy waiting." She ignored his rant, "Okay, forget all this and there are many other important things to discuss in life. How do I look?"

He was taken aback by this sudden question, "I mean, is this why you called me all the way from Churchgate. What do you mean? You look like you always do, same like yesterday."

It was her turn to be pissed off. "I mean, you haven't observed any change on my face or body," she asked in anticipation. He scanned her throughout but didn't see anything. "No," he casually replied.
She shouted, "The tattoo on my neck, the hair cut, and golden hair tresses...Men will always be the same."

It shook him off the ground. He couldn't resort to the usual excuse of saying he was kidding. He sported a feeble smile, "Baby, I am sorry." She placated him, "Fuck your baby-ing me and go to hell." She stormed her way out of the cafe and he ran behind her on the promenade to coax her.


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