Dating scene and coupling out

Dating and hitting as a couple are two drastically different things. You cannot pretend to be doing both at the same time and it's like a tale of who came first, chick (en) or egg. It's the period of courtship when you don't shout on the roof or tell your friends that you are a couple when in reality you are flirting with each other or indulging into silly banter.

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A couple of coffee dates, whispering sweet nothings, caressing hands, cuddling or stealing a harmless kiss doesn't make you a couple. You should be exploring all avenues in deciding whether it's a short term something or there is possibility to make it work over the long-term.

It's all about the vibes, isn't it? After all, the other person may not be very comfortable in letting your friends know of something which is at an infant stage or spreading stuffs that counts as plain rumor which has the tendency to travel faster than the rocket. Both of you may just be figuring things out. One shouldn't be too pushy on the dating scene and you may just be getting to know each other without putting too much burden on the head. Learn to chill for there are many Dos and Donts in a date that shouldn't be confused as coupling or mating it out in the open.

Have you heard of Kiss and Don't Tell. The initial period of dating is just that and jumping the gun to create a wave of illusion that both of you made some promise as if taking the saat pheras is just not happening. It can also choke your friend who gets the impression of dealing with a freak who is high on SRK character's in Darr which will ultimately reduce your minimal chance of having some possible scene in the future. Don't run to your friends and tell how both of you can't live without each other. Certainly, he or she is not the one when the sparks are just about to happen. Tread cautiously and slow if you want the relationship to bloom.

Today, people need to chill when meeting someone new and the biggest mistake is not letting a possible relationship to grow on its own. As it is, dating someone doesn't mean that you have to be committed for long term or start booking for the five star hotel honeymoon package.

Nowadays, people's vision are blurred on what a harmless date is and pretends that they are in a serious relationship. Reality check needed when someone naturally goes in the Devdas and Devdasi mood pretending to be ditched or heart broken. A chill pill works better than any medication to curb such enthusiasm among your friends and loved ones.

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