Love Shot: Sunset of love...Have faith my love!

 It was not the unusual evening in SoBo where hearts were expected to melt and thrive like the oceans and seas. The crowd swarmed its way at the beach to munch on savories, hot pancakes, Masala dosa, Pav Bhaji to their heart contentment and sip on their favorite Falooda and Cola drinks.

She sashayed out of her brand new green Skoda car and signaled the driver to take a tour in the city, to get rid of his glaring eyes which scanned her every movement. Holding the chappal in her hand, her naked feet soiled in the sand which sent a sensual movement running inside her shaped toes. It brought to her a certain peace and kept her false hopes alive as the windy breeze brought a tide of change, fluttering her hair towards the sea. She felt some magic unfurling its might.

 He was watching her from a distance and smiled as every step that she made on the white sand wouldn't slip his furtive eyes that scanned her silhouette. He couldn't dare to let her shadow slip in the calm night. The lover boy imagined them playing footsie together. He had to make a move now or else the driver will come, anytime soon to pick her and they would disappear in the skycrapers hiding emotions in the richest city, hiding her existence with obnoxious wealth. She was oblivious of the man  who was watching her and the GPS enabled device on his smart phone tracking her car.

She was his college sweetheart and whom he would admire from a looming distance. He was too shy to make a move. She never gave him a second look. After all, life deserves a second chance and he is going to grab the opportunity. He knew that every week she comes here to be all alone by herself and to nurse the wounds of the past. It's been 10 years that they left college where she went on to shine in her life and one fine day, an upset took a toll on her life. Deep inside, she is still a sensitive and innocent girl who believes in the Prince charming, admiring the seas and stars at night. She loves the moments of solace all by herself where she is permitted to dream and trot at leisure on the beach wherever her naked feet takes her. If only, she could fly like the birds...

A smile popped on his face, admiring the still night and tiny dots of fleeting stars in the sky. The entire universe are conspiring to bring them together and he sees no reason why their love would fail tonight. Destiny can be a thriving force. It's his inner belief in the purpose of love and magic wrapped like gifts for the two souls to intertwine together. The wave awashed on the sand and her feet was soaked into the cold water. It rekindled in her the desire for love and longing for someone special.

She turned her gaze and rolled her jeans till her knee, walked away from the water when her eyes caught the fancy of colorful cards in yellow, red, blue, pink and green.The cards read in beautifully handwritten Olivia, clipper and Italic scripts which was spread over the walk way on the sand, smeared with rose petals with the name Sonali. She was at first scared, surprised but felt like the Gods listened to the sound in her heart. But, she was also intrigued by the silently anonymous lover who seems to know everything about her, 'Sonali! The most beautiful girl courted by every boy at Xavier's in SoBo...Crazy we were about you...We should always give love and life a chance...Hold the hand that touches your tender heart...I may have been ignored by you but my heart is pure'.

Oh! Gosh! Sonali leapt and the thought about this guy who knew her slightest nerve made her shiver. It didn't prevent a beam on her face. She turned around and saw a tall, lanky man dressed in a white shirt and black trousers folding his hand and expressing a devilishly romantic smile.

Sonali was at a loss of words and apologetic for ignoring him in college as her past life suddenly haunted her in a livid manner. After all, he was not cool like the other boys but realized on the spur of the moment that Shiv was the silent lover who admired her every single day. He had no chance then but today he would beat all the guys to death. Sonali already took a decision. Shiv put his hand on her lip, "There is no need to say anything. If you have faith in my love and ready for a new sunset, the boat is waiting for us."

Sonali traipsed like a princess to fall in Shiv arms and with a feeble smile said, "Carry me inside the boat before the car comes." In a matter of seconds, the boat sped its way with Sonali and Shiv in a tight embrace sitting on the arm chair and not leaving each other as their intense eyes were drowned into the sea of love. They wouldn't leave each other's sight and hands as if an earthquake will shatter lives.

With love

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