First days in college: Fresher's world

Hey, freshies! College has started for you and amid all the excitement and hoopla of breaking the bridge between junior school and college, you suddenly find yourself in a new world. College days are the best of one's life where we make memories, seek friendship, dating, falling in and out of love. The three years in college life gonna define you for the rest of your life. Make memories and years down the lane, you will sorely miss those days. College in India is so much fun where you fall in love with life and look with pride at your alter mater, branded institutions or not. 

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It's your first days and months in college, post the induction period, you are bound to face the pang of home-sickness and how do you fit in comfortable or break the ice! Trust me, it matters to get the best of everything.

1. Don't overdress to kill

The first few days in college will kick the nerves and it's bound for the stress level to kick. It's all about being comfortable in what you wear to flit around. Take it easy peasy. Branded jeans is cool and you don't need to blow a bomb on this pair of Levis jeans, cool tee or blouse to stand out in the crowd. You can fish for decent stuffs at good price. Since the Monsoon period is discount time and smart shopping there are so many shops such as Pantaloons or West Side where you can make a steal. Chuck out the over the top make up and for dudes, those fancy shoes. Be comfortable in who you are. Get yourself a cool bag which you will get at decent shops on the streets or slippers will do during the monsoon for rainwater soaking into socks and shoes makes it difficult to walk around.

2. Break the ice

A cheerful Hi or smile doesn't cost anything but will go a long way to break the ice for a snippet of conversation with classmates about anything and everything, about the city new to you or hang out spots. Casually ask for a conversation at the canteen or restaurants. Walk up to teachers and introduce yourselves or ask for help about the subjects. Always walk to them in the campus and strike a conversation. Trust me, it really helps. My teachers have always supported me and can't repay what they have done for me by going out of the way. Honor them during Teacher's Day and a small token never harms. 

3. Chilled Space

Don't overdo things or go over the top to be accepted by your class mates in class or campus. It's a very simple rule: Wear your heart on the sleeve and be yourself. The ones who matter will accept you in the group and those who don't will not, no matter how much you turn into someone else. Read, attention seeker. Be chilled, relax and comfortable. Being friendly and helpful to others matters the most. There must be days when you are clueless looking for the class or fishing for the timetable but being easy going or of a helpful nature will make others warm up to you and offer help. 

Be open to make friends and understand the culture of locals.You need local friends and don't stick solely with people from your home town. You will spend the best time of life, indulging in laughter, silly pranks and adventure, laughing laugh at the movies for friends are the ones who will stand with you during the break up or days when things are gonna get tough.

4, College fest

You name it, you get it! College fests is the time where you will make loads of fun in college and is an ice breaker. It worked big time for me. I volunteered for every small things in college be it our biggest college fest, Oorja, Wallstreet at Fergusson College in Pune and what's not. It's the time when you discover yourself, helping for decorations or bonding with pals during meeting or running like crazy. You will make the most amazing friends during the college fests and just let your hair down.  I was an introvert and the college fest was the time I opened up to people. It was the best times and every year would look up for it. Be a volunteer and make memories.

5. Dating scene/home sick

There will be days when you will fall home sick and shed bucket loads of tears, waiting for that call from parents or calling from the STD-ISD booth, Don't stay alone. Socialize at hang out zones and make as many friends as you can. Be open to the dating scene and go for a fling. Trust me, it's a great buster to filter off the home sick feeling. You are embracing a new and kick ass phase in life. It's the time where we experience life in equal measure, a near perfect world and get a kick in the bum. I''ll go an extra mile and even say to explore your sexuality! 

You took a major decision to make life swing and don't let it fly away from your hand. Study, attend lectures and skip some for the best learning lesson happen with friends outside the class room. Go crazy with your date, fight out and fall in and out of love. It tastes like cherry on cake. Make sure you know everyone, be it in hostel or in college.

6. Money

You don't have a money tree. The devil of temptation lurks and you know that you cannot afford everything like the super rich dudes and babes splurging. Watch for your money the moment you withdraw at the ATM and first settle rent, grocery, prepaid mobile for college days is the time you become responsible in managing expenses. If you don't have a flat mate, look for one or two that way rent will be split. If needed, look for some extra work by doing freelancing. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities and you can turn into writer making extra 4k in a month or may be a call center job. Spend wisely and you don't need to party every Saturday night. Invite friends at home, share the costs of food and alcohol rather than blowing everything in the night club.

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