Our love, my blood and your name

Kissing your name.
Written with blood,
 smeared over the face.
It's passion.
Stain of love.
No reason to love.
Obsess over you.
You are my prayer.
Slashing my chest with the knife,
till you say You Love Me.
Burning in ecstasy.
You are my drug.
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Restless mind.
Wandering in imagination.
Swayed by your ravishing beauty.
You are an angel.
Too perfect to do any wrong.
Like the fresh dew,
your face pop in front of me,
in the morning.
Igniting my heart.
Reason to live.
Dreamy world.
Don't wanna get out of our universe.
Me and you live in the cloud,
dance our way to the waves,
travel the galaxy of stars and sky.
Your name is traced in my blood,
We are One.
No force can tear us apart.
You are my obsession.
Writing your name in blood.
My reason to live.
Destroy and burning everything into ashes,
the day they try to tear us apart.

PS: A poem about obsessive love. It's pure imagination. I do not encourage anyone to be obsessed in love and write names in blood.


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