Friday fiction: Love in a steamy cup

"Love is bullshit. This crap happens only in films," I laughed at her as we waded past the crowd in the campus. The super hot chicks played too hard to get. Preeti slapped me on the head, " All of you guys are the same. Seeing someone in short skirt, your brain does the prancing around. What were you saying about love?"

"Bakwaaas," I said.

"May be to you. But, he loves me. Initially, I thought so but the cute things he does for me made me realize that there is a deep connection beyond the fling, fuck or use boyfriend girl friend kinda thing," she seemed to be in love.

I almost rolled on the floor, making faces and laugh at her. She was never angry but always said with composure,"Ok, laugh at me. But, one day you will realize. Now, bye I gotta run to the library. You better go home and study rather than whining time in the company of those girls showing their legs and boobs. Smoking and doing what with them, she scolded me.

Preeti is my raakhi sister who always chid me for losing time.

Three months later

"Preeti," I called her from a distance. I sprinted, pulled her bag and hair. She turned around and spoke in a rather irritating voice, 'What?'. I was out of breath doing an SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. "You know what!" I said. She teased me,"You failed and got a KT."
"Who cares about exams? I am in love," I said rather sheepishly.
"What?" She laughed. It was her turn now to laugh at me. "See! I always told you that love exists. "May I ask, bhaiya, who is she?"
I didn't face her,"Gehna...."
"What the fuck? My best friend."

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