Scotch, winter, tea and June conversation

It's a lazy afternoon. The room is dim. The sky is wearing cloak of darkness. I can't bear the cold which is melting my skin to death. A cup of tea is done. A second one is on the way in another hour. It's the only saving grace to keep me warm and, of course, the Scotch. 

There are too many things to do. Projects are falling on the lap. I was done with one last week and here waiting Monday to follow developments on this count. Looking forward to a super busy week, working from home and dabbling with books, writing assignment for an Indian-based magazine in Dubai and, of course, ghost writing for a book. Creatively, it's my first mega project and it's no cake walk, to work out tiniest details with the client. At times, I dunno where to put my and feels like am sitting on a volcano, ever ready to make my ass explode in bits and pieces.

There are quite a few interesting posts that I tried to write on this blog. When I first started, the aim was to target the youth and speaking on issues that affect them, be it love, romance, sex, disappointment and what's not. Today's youth are very gullible. But, over the years, the blog made a diversion by publishing political satire, poetry and mindless stuffs. I am making an effort to stay true to the original idea of getting back to the original theme of the blog, ushering in its fifth year this November, me thinks. I am not very sure of that. 

It's the 10th post of the month. I was initially thinking of penning a short story, romance or something else but I am in a hurry and hence, unsure whether I'll be able to do justice to fiction. Better skip that and share with visitors tit bits on my life. It's been quite an eventful year, right from leaving the job, death of an elder cousin in London and struggling for money. Thankfully, June which is also the birthday month has also brought loads of luck and happy surprise. It was against all odds that I landed one-week project as a consultant which I finished. It's quite a herculean task to do something new and it's always good to learn. The money paid was good. I sought fulfilment which I derived once I was done with the project. There are some expenses that I wrapped up thankfully, loans, EMI and sundry expenses. Time to limit them but there are always temptations.

Last week, I ordered two books on Amazon, Barkha Dutt's This Unquiet Land and Salman Rushdie's Two Years, Eight Months, 28 Nights but cancelled. I was being charged a bomb. It's such a dampener to readers of good literature. Thankfully, I have the local bookshop who is ordering on my behalf for  a good price. I am dying to buy books such as Book Thief, Paulo Coelho, Bastard of Istanbul, Flea Market and many more. But, need money for that. Guess, I will buy over a couple of months. Right now, reading Farthest Field by Raghav Karnad and it's an amazing book on participation of Indian soldiers during the second world war. The description, narrative and the author's command on vocabulary makes it a riveting affair.

Time to say bye now and better get set working on stuffs for the day. I shall spend the night gulping Whisky pegs with channa and watch Euro Semis to keep the body warm.


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