A life addict

It ain't dope!
I am high on life,
Sniffing truckload of happiness.
Everlasting partying.
Don't wanna the hang to ever end.
Tis no suffering.
Fresh laughter flows like spirits and barley.
A trip to heavenly bliss.
Who stole my everlasting alcoholic stock of magic and smiles?
Can you?
I dare you!
It's lying in the bottom of my heart.
A soul's prayer,
longing for love and happiness.
It's within.
Zeal for life is my drug.
I am an addict.
Obsession for living every second filled with positive energy.
A fucking good attitude.
Screw pessimism for my glass is half full.
Filling a single drop every second,
till it reaches the brim.
Be an addict for life

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