Conversation and your Crush

The atmosphere is tense. Legs are numb. The familiar coffee shop is plotting to make you its worst enemy on the planet. Your feeling is under siege. You sit on a lone table, fidget with your handset and get all hyper. The world ain't coming to an end or getting brexit'ed. It's simple. Your crush is sitting on that table waiting for someone. Make your move smartly, you duffer. She can be waiting for her boyfriend or friends. You fuck and you are gone for life the moment her friends storm and serenade her like Cinderella. God save you, if you are all alumni of the same college.

You think, think and think what to say so that you may not land up in a soul called stupidity. After all, it's not now on the spur of the moment you gonna read a book on the art of conversation. Think at your own risk! It will wipe away the time which is on your side and it's precious like water. A time bomb of sort is tickling. You gotta be fast before she is taken and the poor you may just end up sulking. Or, be worse off to admire and watch her guffaws, smile at every small thing, at a far-off distance.

You can casually just look into her eyes to hint that you are interested but remember don't you stare. Chuck off the things that I've done for a long time and it is pretty lame. Like walking to her and say, Hey, I am XYZ! I wanna be friends with you and waited for long to strike a conversation.’ She might just give you the number of the wife of the Pehelwaan she is pally with in the neighbourhood or change the calendar date of Rakhi just for you.

Well! You may just walk to her in a charming manner and pretend to ooze confidence-even if you don't have in you-and ask whether she'd like to join you for a conversation. It can work and may be not, depending on your luck. Done that! It worked a couple of times but was not too much into her...vibe was good, talkative chat and blowing smoke curled in the air. But, then, we were regular at the college hang out and she saw me a couple of times. You get the drift, right!

What else...what else! Pretend walking to the loo or on call and come close to her table, halt for a second or two, smile before you continue your way to the favourite spot. She reciprocates and just say a simple, 'Hi'. Throw the missile, ‘You come here regularly? We haven't seen each other and invite her to join you’ or with something like this 'May I join you?’ If she agrees, don't get into bloviating mood as if you've just met the love of your life of the past birth like Heer Ranjha type. She may just say, 'I am sorry! I am waiting for some friends.' Smile, say no problem or ‘may be’ next time and walk back to your table.

Better luck, next time. Yeah! That's right. Don't rush into things or hit the panic button for hormonal changes in our body can propel us to act weird and asking for phone number at the wrong time. The next time, you see each other and exchange glances for there shall be a nod. Time to carry the converso forward and you can casually ask for phone number...tab whatsapp during the night. You can turn into a call centreJ

Still, if you are unable to approach her for every time you plan your moves, her friends act like a movie spoiler. Don't lose heart. You are just human and not a hunk. Who says only the hottest dudes get the girl? Make friends with her BFF or someone in the group and be smart. You will soon join them at the coffee table conversation and line maro, compliment her gracefully after being introduced.

Don't be desperado. Sometimes, we behave so much drooling eyes type over our sugary babe that she gets the ink that we too much into her. Be as normal as possible. Make your eyes speak for few seconds. Cut the crap. Enjoy your date with her and walk her home or to the rickshaw stand. The best thing flows happen during such fun walks, be the joker and the butt of jokes. Girls love to laugh.

Love Guru is done for the day.

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