Friends Forever Zone

We are in an unrestricted Zone. It seeks no moral policing stickers in the cordoned area, 'Friends not allowed.' It's our Friends Forever Zone as growing teens sashaying into adults and college-goers dudes and babes.
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It's our space where we do things our way, needing no Gyan on what and what's not to do. After all, we are the rebellious types who knows the A to Z of things where the days of sting bees are looming in the past. We need no society approval on who is best or worst for us. Friends are, after all, our moral support system and a shoulder to lean on when we live alone in an apartment or hostel in the city. It's a simple rule: Be cool and chilled out. If the drift or vibes are on, we are in! In an age where relationships' balance keep changing at every kiss or fuck, you know right the Friends in Benefit types for casual sex, true buddies are the ones that make us balanced and functional. 

1. 4 a.m Friend

Yes! The 4 a.m Friend. We all need one or a spate of them that makes us rollick in laughter, bitch about Maggie's double dating, the time that chick you are pursuing leaves her flat or comes back, the handsome dude with the killer look and boring teachers. It's friends offering quick-fix-solutions when the dude or babe you were madly into ditched you in the lurch, fuck-up with parents, or you were planning to get laid last night and it went awry when nosy neighbors or family got into the loop, threatening to tell your parents about it. The 4 a.m friend/s is/are not just about bitching or quick fix but are always there at 4 a.m and beyond when you piss them off their bed. They love you to death and more than eager to listen to your rant, make you hang on when you nearing a mental wreck. In plain terms, they will listen to you patiently without judging and may take their bike to land in front of your day to hug you. 

2. Use Friendship/Facebook types

You meet them everywhere and not just on campus but the only katta beyond your college circle, Facebook. You hear from them either on your birthday, scribbling how cool you are and the best buds in town. Once, someone said in class during a lecture, 'Friendship is time pass.' It falls under this type of use friendship where you don't ink a statement in your heart and you know that the next day, everything will fizzle where all of you will flit in different groups. This friendship is all about giving company when bored to death and sharing a good laugh over coffee is quite an option or just saves the day when the only option is to go for a movie solo. It comes handy when you wanna get introduced to that hot chick.

3. Gyaan giver
Now, this one doesn't make a fuck of a difference in your life but is forever ready to enter the universe to give you gyaan on what you wearing, why you dating X or Y or the choice of clothes are morally twisted. The dude or bad is screwed in the head and takes immense pleasure to tell what's right or wrong with you and why you shouldn't get high on weed, casually date or party till late night. Such friends' life revolves around moral or religious crap for they never had the ball to rebel against their parents who control their existence. So, they wanna you be like them or act like parents. Chuck them out for they are not just trouble but negativity who are never shy in pissing you off.

4. Daaru 'Chaddi' Buddy

Every Saturday, the friend ping with 'Daaru Peena...Let's get drunk' and you know where to find them. You meet them on the streets and you head straight to the adda, doing a topsy turvy act of hugging each other on the busy road and staying away till 2 a.m, Such friends give you company in doing your silly antics inside the house, shouting loud and breaking the laws. They are so much fun to be with and make your college days memorable by singing and acting loud enough to wake up neighbors in the middle of the night.

5. Wanna get hooked
It's your deal or Fuck buddy type. You chill together and get the vibes as gen x dude and babe type who knows that tomorrow you will share a cuppa coffee and hug after the act.  Why look elsewhere for a fling or one night stand when someone you know surrounds you? The only hitch is when sexting translating into the act attracts emotional spark, luv shuv and doing it at your own risk. The whole equation piles on regret and goes for a toss. Kiss and don't tell!

6. Yeh Dosti hum nahin todenge
This type of friendship is the one what defines you and will continue to do so over the years. You've been through thick times and thin times where you've been shouting at for screwing up for they know you inside-out. They are your inner strength and will do anything for you, put you on the right track when diverting from life. Loyal to the core, fighting and laughing together, they are your world. You are never an option for them. It swings both ways. Always stick with them and be there through thick and thin. That's what friendship is all about. True friends stay together for life. It's the siblings we never had.

Friends Forever

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