Divorcing over Sushi: Episode 14

"So, you wanna us to speak to some other lawyers just for the heck of it?", She asked, lying on bed.
"I'm ok as long as you wanna spend some grands on some lawyer-liar advice on divorcing over sushi," I retorted, taken aback by her fixation for divorce. I wanted to stop the divorce thing at any cost and how do I go in remove the ghost surrounding her obsession. Am I treading on un-chartered path?, I wondered.
Sushmita was teasing me and she always do that. "Or! Is it that you no longer want a divorce or has accepted defeat by bowing down to Sushi?", She mused. 
I was taken aback by her remark and amazed how she just hit the right nail by teasing me. Wow! I am amazed and she just said it. Holy grains of truth!!!
Sushmita added, "Don't worry. I assure you that I won't ask for alimony and no ugly fight in court. Baby! Your truth shall not be uncovered in court, bad in bed or impotency."
I protested, "What yaar? Impotent, bad in bed."
She giggled and smiled wickedly. Her infectious but wicked smile scares me to death for I know that she is plotting something. I bated with breath and asked, "Ok! Tell me what do you have in mind?"
"Arre! Nothing! What make you think so?" She smiled.
I was getting restless and said, "Stop pretending. Listen! When you show your devilish grin, I know that you must be up-to something. So would you care to spell it out?"
She sat on the bed to elaborate the plan. "See! We've stayed together for years and it's normal for us to miss each other the day we are not together. So, I have decided not to miss you."
"I am already missing you," I let it off. It was a slip of the tongue.
"So cute. Mister is already missing me. See! Let's party tonight. I will choose a chick and, if you like her, you hit on her and, perhaps, you can ask for a date."
I was confused at first but, realized, that Sushmi has already made plans and it's pointless arguing with her. I asked, "So am I expected to find you a man?"
"Please don't? I can do it myself just make sure no fucktard misbehave with me. Remember, we are still a married couple, I mean, legally speaking," She ordered.
I nodded. Gosh! How am I going to convince this women. Sometimes, I feel that I will go crazy with her some day. I went inside the attached bathroom for a quick shower and, eventually, get ready for office.
I came out of the bathroom and Sushmita was staring at me. She gasped at me, "Dude! If you want to, you can look handsome in your formal attire. Who needs to look at guys outside when I have one at home."
I feigned her compliments and said, "It's just that I have a meeting with a very important client. It's five lakh deal and we want to handle his account for two years."
"Ok! Make sure you meet me at Infinity Mall and, from there, we will drive to Olive. By the way, best of luck with the client."
As I walked out of the door, I pecked her on the cheek and said, "I love You."
She was too shocked to react and started at me. I waved at her with a funny face and dashed out of the apartment like a school boy.

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