Divorcing Over Sushi: Episode 16

I almost yelled at the irritating security guard who would not let me park the car inside the hospital. I was gaping for breath and shouting frantically, "I need to rush inside the hospital and I implore you to let me go..Okay! Do whatever you want and I don't fucking care." We almost came to blows when Karan intervened, "Dude! Chill! Let me park the car." He shouted at me, "Now, run towards the hospital."
I was running like a mad man inside the hospital and my heart was beating frantically. I didn't care as shoved aside the hospital attendant, fell down and got up to sprint way towards the operation theater at Bombay Hospital. I saw Mom and Dad consoling Sushi's parents. They were crying like children.
I stood in front of the lobby outside the hospital and was clueless how my life is evolving at 360 degrees. I couldn't what was happening when I saw two nurses holding the oxygen bottle as the mask was tied to her face. I froze on seeing Sushmi's eye brows and black patch on her face. I was in a state of shock as Karan held my hand. I run along with the troller and held Sushmi's hands tightly towards the OT.
I was stopped in my track by the lady doctor who stood in my way. "I am sorrry, I cannot let you in. It's an operation theater," She almost shouted. I pleaded, "Please! She is my wife." Pat came her answer, "Sorry, young man. I understand and we are doing everything to save her." The door was shut on my nose. I sat down on the floor and looked at Karan. We both knew what I was thinking.
"What did the doctor just said? They are doing everything to save. How serious is she? Does that mean I will lose her?", questions were raging in my mind. Karan walked towards me and we hugged tightly. I was crying. I didn't speak to our parents and they knew that I need my space at this point of time.
I woke up at almost 2 p.m in Karan's room and saw 12 missed calls from Sushi who wanted to check on me. Karan came in the room and made me a cup of coffee and smiled, "Relax! Dude! Sushmita called you several times and I didn't want to disturb your sleep. By the way, she told me to take care of you." Karan winked to me, "Call her back."
I called her few times but she cut my phone. I was agitated, thinking why the fuck she was being so weird and wonder whether it's because of my love declaration yesterday. The phone beeped and I skipped a heart beat as a message from Sushi flashed on the phone 'hey!!!! Hope you slept well..after yest'day confession, we gotta meet and talk. Let's catch up 2nite. I'll let you after m done. Cya n kisses."
I was relieved and went back to hit the sack as I was suffering from a very bad hang over. I woke up in horror owing to someone kicking me as I was pleading for the devils to spare my life and begging them that I will leave the city for good. I was surrounded by the saffron brigade and my crime, holding a red rose in my hand. I only woke up to see my anti-sleep activist, Karan hitting me on the ass and pouring water on my face, "Wake up, chutiya," he was laughing. I got up from the bed, mildly awake to protest, "Dude! What the fuck? Are you so desperate to get laid or what?"
Karan was amused and showed me the time, it's 5 p.m dude. I almost jumped on my feet and yelled, "Fuck! I am dead and Sushmi will screw me." Karan drove me to Bandra and after battling the traffic and pleading with Sush, resorting to the usual lies, we've been stuck in the mad traffic for almost two hours, I managed to get away from Sushmi's pissed off sms-es. Finally, we reached Bandra and Sushmi buzzed. She berated me, "You guys, in particular, You! You can never be on time and anyway, I am reaching in five minutes." I can hear the honking of cars, rickshaws in the maddening traffic as Sushmi was speaking to me on phone.
"By the way, you got me confused on your famous declaration of love. I bet, you don't remember what you did or said yesterday," she teased.
I remained non-plussed for a while and protested, "Babe! I swear and I remember what I told you. Now, please don't make me say things in front of this dork Karan who is driving the car." Karan almost burned my hand with the cigarette butt and yelling, 'Chutiya.'
"Listen! I can't wait and if you really love me, please repeat," Sushmi was adamant.
I hesitated and said, "I love you, Sushmi. I promise to compromise and love the Sushi back since it complement your name. Anything for Sushi."
This moron Karan was laughing and making faces. clearly expressing, "You are condemned now. Happy Sushi."
Sushi spoke in a soothing voice, "Adi! Come fast!!! I can't wait..I Lo............"
I heard a loud banging, blaring honking of cars and screeching of vehicles. Bang!!! I could hear Sushmi yelling and calling my voice, "Adi!" It was terrible and she shouted my name whole-heartedly. All of a sudden, she went silent. I looked at Karan in shock as I keep calling Sush! Sushmi! Sushmita! Is everything okay?"
Karan tried calling on her number but there was no response. He swerved the car and we headed towards Bandra station where we were supposed to meet. As we were driving, I received a call from her number and I breathed easy. I was breathless and sweating. A male voice spoke in a husky voice, "Hi, I am calling from the lady's phone and, apparently, she was speaking to you at the time the accident happened."
"Accident," I yelled.
The male voice said, "It's quite serious and we are taking her to Bombay Hospital at Churchgate. Don't worry and inform her family. Please come there straight."
Karan dashed his way and broke traffic signals to finally reach Bombay Hospital through Marine Drive at 6 p.m. I, myself, don't know how Karan drove recklessly to sashay from Bandra to Churchgate in less than 40 minutes to storm its way inside the parking at Bombay Hospital.
We slept at the hospital for six hours and Karan stayed with me throughout the night. I convinced the parents and in-laws to get back home and we were in for a very long ordeal as I would try to peep through the window inside the operation theater. I couldn't see anything. Karan told me, "Don't worry! She'll be fine." The lady doctor came in and she came to me, gently stroking my head, "Don't worry young man. We are doing everything and she'll be fine." I nodded and almost lost all hope. We waited at the hospital till the evening and I didn't noticed our parents who were sitting on the bench. The doctor came out of the operation theater after 14 hours and removed the scrub cap. She looks battered and was sweating profusely.
She wore a tiring smile and announced proudly, "It was one of the toughest surgery I performed. But, Sushmita is a strong willed girl and she is saved." The kind doctor looked at me and smile, "You can go and meet your wife. She is asking for you." I dashed inside as our parents followed me. But, the doctor spoke in an authoritative voice, "Please, one person at a time. The patient has not fully recovered and right now, she needs her husband by her side. I walked in and saw her lying on bed, dressed in a green scrub. She wore bandages on her head and right hand.
I walked slowly towards the bed and she gave me a sheepish smile. She spoke with difficulty, "I am still alive and you will not get a divorce." I wanted to kill her but refrained. I nodded and smiled back. 
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