Divorcing Over Sushi: Episode 15

We sashayed our way inside Olive, brimming with a frenzied crowd high on alcohol, flaunting their assets, smooching as if there is no tomorrow and banging their bodies, thumping their chest and feet louder and louder. The nerve wracking music is getting on my head. Gosh! How much I hate parties now? Yet, there was a time where I danced and got intimate with women in the same place in Bandra. Olive became my second home where I drank like fish and some stranger showed me the way. Yes! It was a woman and, now, she is my life. We indulged in intimacy and have the best sex. It's ironical how we were plotting for divorce till I feel head over heels in love with her. Now, she is intent on finding me a chick and she wanna break free from me.
Now, this music is really getting to me and I realize how I hate crowded parties now. I wonder why do people like me love doing somersault in life. We finally found a place to sit and ordered Vodka. Sushmita was taken aback and asked, "What the fuck, dude? No whisky..Vodka!!!!!!
I didn't want to react to her observation of the change in me and I was sure that she thought I have transformed into some effeminate creature. I had to reply and just blurted out, "Feel like having Vodka. Don't wanna make you feel alone and sad."
"Hahha..so funny."
I take a sip of Vodka with Orange and lit a cigarette. Sushmita got up and took her handset out of the bag. Mrs or soon-to-be-Miss-again started speaking, "Hey!! Ya!! M inside Olive, where are you and yeah, come..I mean, we are inside."
I often wonder why the fuck people need to shout on the phone inside a loud night club. Can't they send sms or go out to speak? I just hate it when people shout on the phone and it reaches my ear. I was getting tensed since this wifey of mine will either thrust me towards hitting on some unknown women or fix me up with someone. I'll prefer the second option since I don't want to be shoved by some boy-friend of a woman who will think I'm lusting on. The irony is I am not a wild stallion who just broke up with the wife or girl friend. But, Sushmita is Sushmita. Yes, when I get irritated, I call her Sushmita not Sush, Sushi or Sushmi!!!
Sushmita came back and was accompanied by a tall and fair girl. I was like, what she's up to? Sushmita introduced me to Shivangi, telling she's her office mate and winked her right eye. I got the signal but pretended not to. Sushmita hissed in my ears, "Dude! What are you waiting for? Drag her on the dance floor." The three of us went on the dance floor and Sushmita make some tiny steps and slowly moved away from me. I could spot her dancing with a tall and handsome dude. Man! I was getting jealous!
Shivangi leaned towards me, "So! You like parties and all?"
I was like, "Umm! Sometimes, not really a party person. I mean, I used to..find parties pretty boring."
She chiped in, "Me too! Sushmita coaxed me to come and looks like you are guys are very close."
I was about to say, "She's me.."
Shivangi interrupted me, "I know cousin. She told me both of you grow up together."
What, cousin and grow up together. What this woman is up-to and why the fuck she hide the fact that we are husband and wife. Wow! I was amazed at her white lie and this woman should have been a woman. Imagine two cousins having an incest kinda relationship in front of the eyes of society.
Shivangi quizzed me, "Dude! What you into?"
I replied like a school boy, "I handle PR accounts for clients."
She almost jumped on her feet, "Superb! I find guys into PR quite hot and sexy."
Now, she was hitting on me.
The three of us were drunk and was worried how the fuck I can drop Shivangi home and don't want to end up in her house. Sushmita's cousin was coming to pick her up. Sushmita quips, "Shivangi! Do you want Adi to drop you?" 
Shivangi stupidly said, "Hmm..no someone coming to pick me up. But, I don't mind taking his number."
Shivangi left after a while and my dear wife teased, "So, dude, how is she?"
"Boring! I said."
Adi! It's now or never, my heart told me. I shouted in her ear, listen I wanna tell you something. We moved away in some corner outside Olive and held her hand. She looked at me with a, What? I smooched her but she pushed me away. "Dude! What are you doing?"
I draw her back towards me and start kissing her on the neck, again kissing her. She melted in my arms as we held to each other closer, as I kissed her bare shoulder, ear and reached her mouth. Finally, she pushed me away.
I bend on my knees, "Sushmi! I really love you. I have realized how much I need you in my life. I know, I am drunk. Yeah! I hate the Sushi that you love to eat. But, I will compromise. Let's fall in love again. Delve in my heart and feel how much I love you. It's cheesy but I cannot live without you." Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was crest fallen.
Her phone started buzzing and she listened to the voice at the other end. She leaned towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek, "Listen! They have reached and tomorrow, will call you. We need to talk. But, I am worried how will you reach home. Do you want us to drop you at Karan's place?"
I stammered, "N-o, I c-a-n h-o-l-d m-y -a-l-c-o-h-o-l...."
"Ok! Make sure you buzz me when you reach," she looks worried.
Sushmi walks away from me. I wanted to jump with joy and yell, 'Yes! I did it! Sushmi, I love you.'

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