Divorcing Over Sushi: Episode 17

I held her hands as she was lying on the bed, trying to move. "Just stay still or else..relax babe," I warned. She smiled in exasperation and gave me a bewildered look, telling how come you are threatening. I smiled and said, "Listen! You've been shouting at me always and this time, I will do all the talking and you will listen. At least, I must make up of the opportunities of you lying on bed and you can't even chase me or shout. I call it sweet revenge."
"Adi! I wish I could kill you right now," she said playfully, not before writhing in pain, "Ouch!"
"Is it hurting?"
"My back and right hand," she complained.
I got up and placed the pillow beneath her head which I caressed, "You'll be okay. The charming doc told me you are a fighter."
"That I am," she proudly announced.
Sushmi asked, "Is hospital such a bad place to discuss about our future..I mean our love story and your famous proposal..remember how you bent on your knees and forcefully kissed your married wife in the pub.
I became slightly shy, "By the way, we married in unique fashion, almost divorced over sushi and you didn't complete the I lo...till you bumped into the car. I heard the car has been crushed."
"Shut up, you bloody moron Adi," she almost shrieked into laughter.
We held our palms together and leaned closer to her. I kissed her on her forehead, neck and lips. "I am making a declaration. Your love has made me high. Who needs alcohol yaar? I love you Sushmi and will always do. I know! I know! I hate Sushi but for you, I will sacrifice thousands of Sushi plates. Remember, I gobbled half the plate in Lonavla and once in a while, we will eat from the same plate. We were stupid for plotting our divorce that will never happen. I wanna make babies with you and when they grow up to be our age, you will dress up in the sexiest black short skirt and we will party like crazy. I love you, Sush and will always do."
Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was laughing at the same time. I couldn't make out what it was. She said, "You don't need to munch on Sushi to make me happy and I can also make effort to eat Veg Thali that you love. I was eating your favorite Punjabi food secretly. I love you, Adi and I have always been in love with you. Let's take a second vow of marriage and who says love is not made in heaven. Our love is the biggest proof that we are couple made in heaven."
We held hands like teenagers in the air-conditioned hospital room and looked into each others' eyes. We were in love and, both of us know, that the spark is not going to die. All it took was an accident which made us realize how much we love each other, not over Sushi.
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