Divorcing over Sushi: EpIilogue

    Divorcing over Sushi: Episode 18

Love, break up, divorce not meant to be and sizzling sex. I am sipping the thick Capuccino at Barista  and laughing at the recent turn of events in my life. I wonder whether everything was worth it, accident and how I made my guy, younger than me cry and begging for my love and, of course, sex. He thinks I drive him wild on bed. Am I such a naughty girl? I wonder. He is stupid, just a child who refuses to grow up and I feel like mothering him at times. We call it love. Yeah! Both of us gorge on sushi and Punjabi with cream coffee as topping when we die to have sex. 
You've never met me, I bet! This idiot must be ranting about me, yapping on the dysfunctionality in my personality. Yeah! Right! He calls me Sush, Sushmi, often equating my name to the Sushi that I love eating as if I am some dish. I am Sushmita, the wife of my cute but stupid husband who has been going on and on how I have a lose screw in my head, my anger and our hot sex life. Trust me! I do not fit the description Adi has painted but quite so. Or, am I?
Adi is a man I always wanted to kill or scare the shit off him when I met him for the first time. I was aghast when he thrust his head and kissed me for the first time. Here, was the man who introduces jimself by trying to smooch me and immediately, the picture of a sex obsessed man popped in my head. As I look back, I laugh at ourselves who were hell bent on divorcing, forking out a huge 50k for some stupid advice from a suave lawyer. That too, divorcing over sushi. Adi!! I so wanted to torture him in all possible senses, emotionally, sexually and psychologically. This guy is such a nutcase, I tell you! The biggest miser one earth since he never gave back part of the money which we agreed to share for paying the lawyer.
We renewed our marriage vow in Goa last night. There were no parents, no irritating relatives, just the two of us. We felt so complete being with each other and we married in the pure Goa fashion in front of the priest at Marina Beach. We kissed on the lips. I melted into his arms. We partied that night and what a terrible dancer, Adi is. He just can't match my steps. But, I love him. He is so cute and adorable.
We were the odd couple. Imagine, sitting in the hotel room and watching Koffee with Karan and later, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on TV. We can be weird as a couple. Did I tell you that we ordered Sushi and Punjabi Thali which we smeared on each other's face? That was our renewed marriage vow.
We made love that night as we rediscovered each other. We kissed lightly as I thrust myself in his arms, whispering in his ears, "I'm all yours baby." I pushed my lips into his and we started smooching furiously, exploring our bodies voraciously and going down in areas which we never dare to explore. It was the best sex we ever had, totally free and letting our hair down.
It was the middle of the night and he dragged me inside the swimming pool. We kissed passionately and it was serene but passionate in the wee hours of the night where we couldn't spot anybody by the side of the pool. We were lying naked in the pool, exploring each other's body again and again. I leaned my head on his shoulder as he held me by my waist. It was not erotic or sexual but the best romantic gateway in Goa. We promised to renew our marriage vow every year in Goa
I left my job after we reached Mumbai and started my content website as a subsidiary to Adi's PR firm. Who says husband and wife can't work together. Of course, they can. We did it.

The End
Lotsa Love
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