WoW Headlines:When Pappu grabbed eyeballs, promising toilets in every houses

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When Pappu grabbed eyeballs, promising toilets in every houses

Five-year-old Pappu was befuddled as the mammoth crowd swayed their hips in front of him as he sat on the hot seat and garlands thrust on him and the local Pandit applied a long, red Tilak on his forehead. Pappu slouched on his crown, the nicely decorated  white coated Western Toilet,adorned with garland, red silk, and flowers at the Ghat. The village, Kashi Ghat, which is home to spirituality and religiosity has been shot to fame which saw tourists swarming to the lake seeking the blessing of the new God Pappu.
The TV crew been doing a repeat of Peepli Live since the Lok Sabha elections was announced and the small town which was just another place in India is now trending all over the globe. The Prime Ministerial candidate, Pheku Singh, which many call the future Prime Minister of India, drew large crowd and swathes of TV channels running after him as they set their home in the nearby village. The outsider, Dharna Rao, threatened to defeat Pheku Singh and promise to turn his Tandoori Nights into nightmare. After all, Khashi Ghat is a spiritual city where the Gods shower miracles on devotees encumbered with maladies, children's education, marriage of their young children, praying for babies to bless the womb and money hassle.
It was the nomination day as the city was caught in a stew where the crowd was seen chanting, 'Har Har Pheku' and Dharna karenge and the supporters clashed with each other, battling it out for their favorite candidates to rule the town. The TV channels stomped their way to get the latest breaking news back to Delhi. What followed was a twist in the tale that only factory mill called 'Bollywood' was capable of achieving and it was a feat that even Amir Khan, the man behind the original Peepli Live, could never dare of pulling.

As the TV crew wheezed their way to capture Pheku Singh and Dharna Rao rally on nomination day, one journalist heard a shriek from one of the dim lit houses in the neighborhood. The short haired hot female journo, from a reputed TV channel, scampered her way towards the cooped dwelling as her sixth sense got the better of her. She saw an old woman shouting, Save my son! Save my son. He fell in the latrine. The female journalist signaled her camera person to follow her as she bends her head to peep in the well and saw a young boy, shaking with fear and crying  inside. 
The phlegmatic journalist appear on air to made it the scoop of the day for Capital TV as she spoke with a whiff of confidence: "What a shame India! On a Day, where Pheku Singh and Dharna Rao are battling out for the most coveted job in the country, a child has slipped in the well and nobody cares..Yes! They care only about political meetings and the village is not even equipped with toilets for decent living. What a political charade!"
The news reached all TV channels stationed in the village and gradually, the whole crowd swarmed to the latrine to catch a glimpse of a crying Pappu. The shutter bugs focused on the close-up where Pappu could be seen crying and appearing as a waif child to make for breaking news. 
To rub salt on the wounds of the Pheku and Dharna, a well known scruffy looking TV journalist, holding the camera on top of his head, zoomed on Pappu. He wailed: A child falls inside the well and it's been three days, the poor child in stuck inside and deprived of food. Why is there no toilet in the village and Pappu is still stuck inside?  India Wants to Know!" 
The Government dispatched the army and police who managed to pull off the frightened Pappu out of the latrine with the cameras and journalists not losing sight of its prime duty, stalking the thin looking child. Pappu became the hero in the small town as Pheku Singh and Dharna Rao scampered their way to meet the child and give monetary reward to the family leaving TV channels camping outside their dim-lit house to interview destiny's child Pappu. The child was asked how he was feeling and whether he realized that he hogged the limelight away from the election and he replied, "We need toilets in the village." The news anchor asked the child what he would do if he was elected the Chief Minister and he confidently replied, "I will give toilets to everyone so that no child falls in the pit."
Pappu became a hero in the village and the folks decided that the small child can bring fortune to Kashi Ghat by standing as candidate. Pappu was paraded on horse in the village as he folded his hands to the village folks throughout fifteen days, visiting people houses to sing the old refrain, "I will give every person in Tulsi Ghat a toilet. Vote for Pappu."
When the election results was announced, Pappu surprised everyone by winning the election by a huge margin as Pheku Singh and Dharna Rao trailed. Pheku Singh cursed his own destiny as his hard work has been wrecked by the child's fall in the latrine and Dharna Rao was driven out of the village. Today, an English toilet has been brought to the village where Pappu insists on sitting to enjoy his election victory which the people believe is very symbolic since all houses will now shine with a toilet.
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