The Child in Me and the chat bubble

Dear Child,
Innocent face, shy, inquisitive eyes and naughty streak whose eye balls follows every moving object in your bubble called fantasy world . I am aware, I am speaking to you, tongue sucker for chocolates and lolly pop whose mouth waters for Gulab Jamun in the Mithai Shop.
Oh! tree huger, you keep hopping excitedly as you shriek at the sight of moving trains chugging at the jam-packed stations. You silly heart! An extension of my own and mirror image of yours truly! Walking bare chested  in the house and wearing the under wear in the house as you ape the likes of this new hero Salman Khan who drops his shirt, showing biceps at the drop of a hat. You climb the stool in the kitchen to open the cupboard despite they deemed that it is far beyond your reach. You creep on the floor, dabbling with the fridge plug. You remove the plug and the fridge stops working yet you traipse away innocently as mom slaps you on your bum. Favorite time pass? Opening tap water, breaking the TV remote and hiding the car keys under the mattress as you slouch on the sofa pretending nothing terrible happened and behave like a waifish in the house. You've been such a terrible creature and a terror in the house.
Yeah! I am talking to my own self, Seven year old and still counting. You abhor school coz you keep getting punished with stick and bending on your knees. How nicely you sneak away from the house to play cricket and football with the mischievous lot in the Galli as Mom and Dad lose their sleep, fearing you've lost the way or kidnapped for the moolah. You think you are the next Ronaldo or Sachin in town that cricket or football cannot exist without your tiny fingers and toes.
The parents gape with breath, wondering how a minnow looking fellow like you can bring the house down in no time, you tear the wallpapers in the room thinking its candy wrap, making the gas stove dysfunctional and de-programming the TV. You roil the house as if you are the descendants of Star Wars as you skulk around to climb the wall or Banyan tree. Are you Superman or Lord Hanuman?! Quixotic soul!! You deny your crime to the world and behave and act in a whipper-snapperish manner, over smart kinda dude, oblivious of your age.
You have a nice way of cajoling Dad as you make innocent faces, faking tears for the chocolate ice cream and biscuits. Dad is vulnerable to your antics as you nicely scamper out of the home with your naked and tiny feet, holding his hand and offering to take his bag. You found your victim, small monster and in no time, you see to it that your demands are met..mithai, candies and choco. Your claim to goodies: Innocent smile and blush. You know that your smile is not for free and the man who brought you to earth has to pay for it. Who do you think your are? Brand ambassador of Colgate smile.
Remember praying for Grade A results in school? Bhagwan! You implored the Gods to wreck a miracle to put A's all over the place so that I can play pranks at home during holiday and sneak out of the house to climb trees, dash the cricket ball in the neighbors house. You recited and wrote 108 times the names of Swami Satynanarayanan to get the desired A's.
The introspective mind and stupid brain of yours was keen to know where you came from and whether the cute babies born in the family are showered from the sky like rains. You were told that your parents found you in plane when they travel and was tendered as a gift by beautiful air hostess. The child in you waggled with excitement and prod your parents to board the plane to ask for a cute brother or sister for company, 'Let's go Momma and Pop', as they look at each other, 'Palm Face'
Yeah! Right! The child in me conversing with the real self and now, can we exchange places, please?! How I wish to be that child again!!!


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