NaMo! Singh is King and Pakistan Tourism

Listen! Listen! We Proud Indians and, of course, Modi Bhakts have competition now. Is it kya? Don't you know the face of Gujarat has now become a Global Phenomenon in Asia and is the new brand ambassador of Pakistan Tourism. I tell you! Ek hi jhakte mein Narendra Modi has found a solution to Hindustan Ki Abadi (Growing Population) problem..shift to Pakistan. To the cynics and critics of Namo!! Namo!!, see the Global appeal of Narendra Bhai who will tell you to shut the fuck and move to Pakistan.
Heard the Pakistani Government is dancing and swinging their way to Ooh! Lah! Lah! and chanting Har Har Modi!!! Khushwant Singh must be fuming in his grave for the political plagiarism of 'Train to Pakistan' steered by NaMo's self-claimed spin doctor and new age Ad Guru..oops!! Lok Sabha Ad Guru Giriraj Singh for the new campaign for Pakistan Tourism. Har Har Modi!! See, Singh is King!
Move over the sacred and spiritual land of Varanasi as Pakistan has just sweep off tourism potential under the nose of that part of Uttar Pradesh. What must Mia Musharaf be thinking, I wonder? He must be cursing his stars and fate for being on the wrong side and blaming Giriraj Singh for playing spoil sport. Poor Musharaf-ji, now, he cannot even take credit for India-Pakistan Bhai Bhai chara ya potential and stammering Tourism Growth from India.
Woah! Whatta Punch line, Adharnir Giriraj Singh: "those who oppose Modi should go to Pakistan as there will be no place for them in India." Now, this model of Pakistan Tourism cleverly crafted in India during the Lok Sabha battle bear the imprint of a faded leader Giriraj Singh whom nobody knows and whose shot to fame is boosting Pakistan Tourism. Now, who says only Bimbos can resort to tricks to gain popularity by removing their clothes or professing their love for NaMo? Move over, Malika Sherawat, Meghna Patel or Tanisha Singh , the new bombshell in town is Shri Giriraj Singh.
Now, I was planning to relocate to India but it looks that the new India steered by NaMo has no place for secular beings like me and time to book my ticket to Pakistan. Ah! Wait! Am I late kya? Now, it getting me worried with the new ad for Pakistan Tourism where millions of my country men and women, read, Modi Haters, have already booked to resettle in Pakistan. Where does that leave me? Will the Pakistan Government turn me down owing to advance Booking and Housefull? Poor me! I will be deprived of the joy of enjoying Pakistan Tourism, courtesy NaMo and Giriraj Singh. Wait! I have an idea. What about starting a travel agency for fellow Indians dying for Pakistan Tourism or settling in Pakistan and having Giriraj Singh as the poster boy or playing loud music, Har Har Namo and let's go to Pakistan by Train, air or ship? I am telling you! I'll make a killing and rake the moolah to be an overnight rich Shehzaade.
If that was not enough to pump up the Lok Sabha Battle..again my bad!!! Pravin Togadia of VHP is rubbing Himalayan Salt the wrong way to boost Pakistan the wrong way. Now, who says Pakistan is a failed and Rogue state?! Not the likes of BJP, Namo, Giriraj Singh or Praveen Togadia.  Ceertainly, not Togadia, Sir? Don't believe me? Have a look:
As per media reports, Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Pravin Togadia delivered an anti-Muslim speech in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.
Protesting outside the house of a Muslim businessman, Togadia allegedly gave the occupant 48 hours to vacate his house, failing which he asked his followers to take forcible possession of his property and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years.
The report claimed that the VHP leader also threatened Muslims with violence and asked his followers to “go with stones, tyres and tomatoes” and that there was nothing to fear. "I have done it in the past and Muslims have lost both property and money," he had said."
Wah! Wah Kya baat, Togadia Sir!!!! NaMo must be wondering whether he needs foes with loyal friends like Singh and Togadia. The gentlemen are hell bent to make NaMo the new face of Pakistan Tourism and the latter must be fuming for the extra efforts to take Gujarat out of the tourism card. Truly, a conspiracy against Gujarat Tourism, NaMo must be fuming! Wonder what Nawaz Sharif must be thinking at the change of heart of Singh and Togadia to make Brand Pakistan the new face of Tourism and Dream land. Folks! Move over US of A, UK, Dubai or Europe, Pakistan is the new face of tourism and minting money. Be rich and move to Pakistan, courtesy Giriraj Singh and Pravin Togadia. Now, Pakistani are already chanting, Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar, enough to give  Nawaz Sharif a complex.
Politically Provocative
PS: Image downloaded at Google India from http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BlteD9xCUAAyKDO.jpg:medium and, hence, I claim no credit for the cartoon. The image belongs to the rightful owner (Irregular by Manjul) at the above link.
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