Letter to Surya: WoW-feeling hot-hot-hot

Dear Mr Surya
Some call you Devta (God),
for the rest you are the sun that shines and, at times, become unbearable;
It's the election season as we are made to stay in the queue to vote as our friends are lamenting on your power;
Our friends, the journalists, who bring us the crisp news and tread where few dare to face your brunt;
You become unbearable for all of us and this season you are too hot to handle;
Did I say Hot?
Surya you are so hot that the female hotties in Mumbai run away from you to sit cold colas and coffees in Phoren and cold countries;
IIFA is just a pretext for them to sweat it out on stage to avert your gaze coz you get sadistic pleasure in burning their skins;
We, the commoners, can't bear your fury as we hunt for cold and icy water filled in bottles;
Please have some mercy on us this season;
We know that no one can match your power on earth as you zoom on us with utmost ease and we cannot hide from you;
Where shall we escape?
Journos that we are have to bear your anger as we cover the Lok Sabha election, running from pillar to post, as we secret wish for mercy in such dangerous times;
We celebrated the World Press Freedom yesterday as an ode to daring journalist,
but can the gentle you shield us from the angry you,
O' Surya!
We need freedom from you,
though, in another time, we will long for your cover
coz we know the vitamin that we so abhor comes from you,
you pump us with energy in form of Sun;
How complex our relations are!
Be gentle for a while;

The poem is written as part of Write Over the Weekend theme for this week:
The heat this summer is unbearable. Here’s your chance to write a witty letter to the Sun God/Goddess convincing him/her to go a little easy on us.
It is also linked to World Press Freedom celebrated on May 3 for journalist across the globe.

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