What your first job can teach you?

You are a fresh graduate and landed your first job where you embrace the corporate world. Like any idealist youngster, you are ready to take the world and keen to learn your way to the top. What your first job can teach you and how do you break the ice with senior colleagues? First thing first, you gotta be part of the team and it takes months to be accepted a a player in the group.

9-to-5 and beyond:
The concept of 9-to-5 job is such an old and conservative concept. In today's competitive world and, in particular, liberal professions, fixed timings simply does not exist. Since it is your first job, concentrate all your energies in being respectful to seniors and treat your task as if you own it. Fine, you may feel tired and drained, but surmount all mind obstacles to be part of the team. The already existing team mates will not take it kindly that you upset the balance by wanting to home as the clock struck five when they are slogging their asses. Always offer to help whenever you are free and do not hesitate to ask questions as well as speak to your head of department when you are facing some confusion. The buzz word is, Learn, Learn and Learn. As you are gradually welcomed in the team, you will not feel like leaving the office and enjoy the fun moments at work. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and realize the office is more a fun place rather than a monster.

Social Networking:
The biggest mistakes so many of us make at work is to add people we've met for the first time on Facebook or Twitter. Let's learn to deal with people on a professional level and employers often check your FB profile and status to see what's you are up-to. Remember, there is a thin line between professional work and social life. Your social life is not for grabs and remember, there is no friends at work. However, for work purpose, it is common to add each other on Gchat and often employees interact on a professional level. Also, be friendly and it doesn't mean that one should be the best of pals at work. It is only when I left my job that I added few of my close colleagues on Facebook and I believe that there should be a demarcation between professional and personal lives.

Happiness at work:
The best way to be truly happy at work is to be passionate and give selflessly as if it's your own your company. The moment you feel that your work is your passion, nothing will stop you from rising in your career and be truly happy at work. So many times, we have heard people saying, 'I hate my job.' Any prize for guessing?! People lack a certain a meaningful relationship with what they do at work and they often treat the job as a burden. Be ready to own your product and ignite the fire of passion in your belly. Happiness will follow.

Retirement age:
The classic view of many people are that they will retire peacefully at the age of 50 or 60. I do not subscribe to this conservative view since there is no age to retire and 50 can be the new 30 where we grow more passionate. I mean, what will I do by retiring at 50 or 60? Sitting at home and waiting to be consumed by the jaw of death! I mean, there are so many things to do by the time I reach 50 or 60 and interact with people my age. The young people are full of bright ideas and there are so much to learn from them. For once, I would love to start a content based website, work as a freelancer or columnist and write a book. In that way, the muscles of the brain will be active and I prefer to clamp down my ego by thinking that I've seen so much. There is no better pleasure than being youthful at the age of 50 or 60. Yeah! I would love to travel a lot. Therefore, the first job is the stepping stone to keep the brain alive, seek happiness and be passionate in what I do.
What's your first hand experiment at your first job?

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