100 Words on Saturday: Every Once In a While

I participated in the Write Tribe 100 Words Challenge on Saturday, 'Every Once in a While' provided by  Richa Singh of The Philosopher’s Stone from my other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com. Since, I already submitted the entry on wordtribe.com, I putting my post on the blog and not participating from my blogspot. But, the reason I choose to participate here is that I want to know the response of bloggers. Enjoy.

Every Once in a While

Every Once in a While, tears drop on my cheek as I remember the wonderful memories and the times spent together. In the flash of moments, images on TV remind me that you exist and you are my muse. As I gulp the cup of coffee, I think of times spent together and sinful moments we enjoyed in the monsoon as we danced together. We celebrated life where things were almost perfect. There was never a dull moment in our relationship. Every Once In a While, I long for us to be reunited and be together. I love you, Mumbai.
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