Oktober fest

Oktober..Oktober..Oktober..why do I feel it's a fest month? Lalloo and the likes of Masood have been jailed which comes as a bonus to the junta. Sanju (Baba) is out on sick leave to meet family members and the path is set for 2013 to end in a jiffy. Bapu is visiting us for his birthday as we sing in chorus, Happy Gandhi Jayanti and gently reminds us it's October. We have reasons to cheer and warm up to October, the month that sets the tone for miracles to happen in our lives.

I wonder how the nation will be devoid of Lalloo-ism, jab aloo mein samoosa, jail mein rahega aloo. What will happen to Rabri now and who will munch on Rabri now. Pun intended, Laloo Prasad Yadav, desh aur Bihar ki dhadkan?! Just imagine Bappu visiting Lalloo in jail and the former must be telling him, 'See, Lalloo-ji, I told you not to steal people's hard earned money and see how you broke my heart by pilfering the country's resources. Lalloo must be justifying himself and told Bappu, "Now, Bappu-ji, you adding salt to my wounds now and you visit us once in a year, you are still giving me lessons with your teachings. Your teachings doesn't hold and ask the people who don't hesitate to pay bribe." Bappu is disappointed with Lalloo and tells him, 'At least, wish me happy birthday. You are so selfish despite everything. Anyways, I gotta go right now but I haven't forgotten you, beta. Take some Rabri and samoosa. Munch in jail." Lalloo smiles as he watches Bappu disappear with his stick. Our dear Lalloo is at least feasting on samoosa and rabri inside jail. So what, poor Rabri devi is at home? Our dear Lalloo is eating his Rabri and takes solace in the fact that Gandhi-ji abstained from sex. After all, it's Gandhi-ji's birthday and poor Lalloo, jail sweet jail.
Wondering what to feast on in October?! At least, Lalloo got his Rabri and Samoosa  from Gandhi-ji and what people like me can do, except blogging and secretly making a wish to the October Angel. Angel! Dear Angel! Will the madness ever gets over and I get to make merry..I know each passing days seemed to be the same old day and can't you work a miracle for me. After all, it's October fest. I gotta wish for better days and even Lalloo must be enjoying his jail days and Sanju-Baba relishing his jail break.
Hey! I have reasons to cheer as this is the 99th post on blogspot for this year and we are less than three months away from December. Great Going, I suppose in October as the blog is ushering into its third anniversary. I am doing for a hot capuccino by the sea face and miracles, miracles, hope I get to enjoy my coffee. I am dying to start work this months as my six months long break is almost done.
Cheerz N Happy October
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