Love Shot: A double-edged sword

It felt like mosquito bites on the arm, nape, neck before they kissed each other madly on lips. The height of passion reached a zenith their naked bodies were rolled inside the white bedsheet. Mad mad love like yesterday never existed and the future will never be. There were no vows or promises made but plain and passionate love in the present.

It was in the flick of minutes that Kashish and Kehkashan fleeced their homes as the former's wedding arrangement was made and she ditched her fiancee, storming their way inside the running train in their small village. The villagers chased them with sticks since they couldn't come to terms with the fact that the two lovers were playing with their honor. The love made by Kashish and Kehkashan would make no sense to the products of patriarch, a committee of five men who call themselves the Sarpanch who takes decision for everyone, except themselves.

Kehkashan lay still and naked, scratching Kashish back as he was inside her. She moaned and he exerted his might, losing his breath. Finally, their love has been consumed as fresh air wafted from the sea flew inside the apartment.

The most faithful of love stories can bear spot of treachery and love is often a double-edged sword. Kehkashan was still feeling him inside her. Kashish froze. A knife pierced his naked body, from the back and cut through his chest. The fiery parents of Kehkashan were able to pull both of them apart but she wouldn't move an inch from the bed. It felt as if her body was stuck like glue to him where no power of athletic hands and legs were able to pull her away. She smiled at them. It was a triumph of victory, their love over the forces of hatred. She already consumed a pill for she knew that they would be chased. It was the love shot. Her hands were firm on Kashish's grip. They were huddled together, two naked bodies in tight embrace where no force was powerful enough to separate them.

Love is one force that can cheat evil. It's a powerful emotion that united Kashish and Kehkashan in life and death. It was their honor that emerged unscathed, as one soul and not two bodies. Their love not only cheated their parents but also death that wasn't prepared to take them in its embrace as full passion furled.

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