Curious case of Arnab Goswami

Arnab Sir Wants to Know in the Name of the Nation..who came first the chicken or the egg! Ask Rahul Gandhi, he will come up with an olfactory answer after beating around the bush, inspecting the oval boiled egg and breaking the yore. The Man, who pretends to be the Voice of the Nation is seen everyday somewhere on Times Now shouting for he wants to be heard. 

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A tale of a shining gold biscuit that has been lost or gone errand somewhere claiming to be found by the one and only Arnab Goswami on his doctored show. First, accusing supporters of JNU of sedition and posing himself as the savior of Indian democracy in this whole national and anti national debate. Heard somewhere that you have a voice on the show of the Great Arnab! Buddy, you live in a fool's paradise if you believe in the words of Arnab. Remember, it's his show. The Great Arnab asks questions, cuts the dissenting panel short to give the answers. Oh! How can I forget, not without shouting his lungs out in a downright rude manner as if he is on a political platform?
Perhaps, Arnab wants to resuscitate the dead from the grave or giving a new leash of life to the pack of wolves. TV has never been so entertaining with Arnab Goswami leading as the army general when he is crying hoarse atop his voice. The great World War on Arnab show. Trust only, Rahul Gandhi-the minnow of Indian Politics-to frustrate him on his show on why The Nation Wants to Know.
Our Arnab is so patriotic that he can blindfold himself to tell us more about patriotism and nationalism by shouting in an uncanny ability. He may just fire the gun straight in the foe's chest with eyes wide shut.  Ah! He will give fodder to JP Dutta to make sequels of his patriotic movies based on the life of a TV anchor giving tough competition to Sunny Paaji-Dhai kilo ka haath-not Leone. Our Arnab will make the cut in the Great Return of the Last Action Hero rolling, shouting and getting teary eyed. Who needs glycerin when we have you performing to the best of ability, Arnab-ji?
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When Arnab goes for the kill, better beware TV folks! No, your TV set can never go blank for the TV host voice will be heard all over the place and explodes the idiot box like The Last of the Mohicans to pop inside your drawing room, shouting at you why the fuck you munching beef over chicken. You know why?Simple: Because The Nation Wants to Know. Beware if you having sex for Arnab has the ability to fly like the superman in the middle of your climax to probe the whys of what you doing. He can be anywhere and everywhere.
Why our Arnab shouts his lung out with the right emotion? Is it because the nation wants to know or he is plain bored being on Tinder during his free time, hunting for single ladies that he can rope on his show, expressing how they are in dire need for a date! Or, single dudes turning into despo, not able to find a date. He might just ask them to spell out their sex life in the open.
He shouts so much that Phd students at JNU university might make him a case study or still better be the face of the premiere academic institution to protest about almost everything. How about being the poster boy of the Governent's Made in India campaign or advising Narendra Modi how to shunt out opponents shouting hoarse over intolerance and anti-national activities.
How about playing Inspector Daya on CID in real life? We trust you Arnab Goswami to make all the rapists, terrorists and under world king pins of confessing their crime for they will fear not the man in suit on News Hour but the voice that will damage the ear lobe and terrorize them forever. He's the best man to extract confessions for criminals would be too scared to hallucinate by hearing King Arnab's voice throughout the rest of their lives.
Naughty boy Arnab, now will you tell us where on earth you stole the doctored video? Now, the Nation really wants to know what naughty Arnab was up to? Was it during a sex romp or during your night search for seditionists among students? Now, don't you dare start shouting. You know the moral right, The Nation wana know.

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