Happy Diwali: Sparkling light in our hearts

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Countless diyas lit,
illuminating our hearts.
Pouring our hearts and souls to make Mithai,
that we lap.
There shall be no excuse today as we won't hold ourselves by gulping sweets.
Barfi, Ladoo and mouth-watering Gulab Jamuns.
We share love, strengthening the bond of friendship as we exchange box of Mithai.
We free ourselves from the shackle of human friendship, caste and race.
A day when we become one as we taste sweets made with love.
As we lit the candles and earthen lamps with a smile on our face,
let's pray that we reach salvation and open our hearts & minds to love and self-elevation.
Purifying our hearts, weaving together the chain of togetherness and holding our hands.
The world is one.
Reaching bliss in this age as genuine hearts strike a chord together.
Wearing brand new clothes, we leave behind the bad and ugly as we look forward to beautiful days ahead full of fresh promises, renewed hope, love and dreams.

Happy Diwali
With Love

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