Size Zero Syndrome

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A discussion on Twitter with NDTV, Parineeti, Sonakshi and Tara Despande
It's a tale of weight, curves, size zero and six packs abs to 'flaunt' one's body. First, there was a huge helluva over the size of models and actresses in the film & fashion industry with the media going great guns over size zero. Remember, Kareena Kapoor shedding oodles of weight in a swim suit in Tashan where she went from curvy to size zero. It made headlines that provoked reaction from all quarters, be it fans gushing or loathing, media going berserk and the the film fraternity.

Before Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan's six pack abs in Om Shanti Om in 2007 not only was over hyped but got tiff competition from Amir Khan one year later in Ghajini. It moved 2 notched higher with eight pack abs. Now, one don't really know what will come out to see the gentlemen hitting the gym to hit the double, 15 pack abs.
Then, we have new age and talented actors of the likes of Parineeta Chopra, Huma Qureshi and recently, Sonakshi Sinha who came out in the open and hit back at critics and cynics, mocking their weight on various social media sites. 
Actors such as Parineeti and Huma Qureshi rightfully placated critics who call them curvaceous. After all, what's wrong with curves as long as the ladies are comfortable in their bodies. The whole craze about being skinny is so passe and over-the-top. It's so sad how the media and people on Twitter mocks the amazingly talented actors who are comfortable being themselves. The best thing about the actors is that they are comfortable in their bodies, wearing clothes that fit them. Yes! Being curvaceous is beautiful. I am not saying that someone should be overweight but this whole size zero is an unwanted syndrome. 

It is a known fact that some models are subjected to rigorous diet where they undergo skeleton regime where one gets the impression that they would starve to death.  Eat healthy and be healthy doesn't mean to go without food or gulp only water during the day. The 90s witnessed the best models on ramp and they were not skinny men and women but wore designer clothes that fit them to the hilt. The models were not skinny or size zero but totally rocked the scene. The bottom line is to wear something you are comfortable with. Why should someone wear clothes that would make them look bad or be like a skeleton?

Credit should go to Sonakshi Sinha who posted an image of a skeleton, telling 'Girls Be Like "I Finally hit my goal weight". It couldn't get better than that! I am no fan of Sonakshi Sinha but looking at the jokes or flak she received on Twitter, she deserves respect for giving it back to critic. I mean, look at Deepika Padukone! She is probably one of the woman with the hottest bod who carries herself effortlessly well and with grace. But, Deepika is not skinny nor she is the embodiment of size zero. Far from that! She is comfortable in her body and her curves is in the right place.

One needs to get over this whole size zero syndrome where several models try to impress the world by competing to look best. Sorry ladies and gentlemen! We, men or for that matter any sane person, is not really buying this size zero thing. I feel Parineeti Chopra and Huma Qureshi look fab by being curvaceous. The size zero syndrome doesn't bite the bait. I feel many look weird by shedding bundle of weight by try to be size zero and it shows not just on their body but face. They look  not just weird but like lolly pops and pale anorexic version. 
Size zero is like a patient who is sick in the last stage of their life. Who is this model who is hell bent to die of malnutrition? They look grotesque wearing clothes that are even thinner than their bodies and not really a tale of one size fits all! I mean, Kareena looks scary and weird in Tashan, as if she was deprived of food for days or months. 
God save the ones who are dying to starve in secret with this never-say-die fake hang over and weight complexity. Size Zero is not just a syndrome but a fad that will only make you fade into oblivion. Come on! We love the beautiful dimples flashed that charm us off our feet and not a figure that inching closer to minus zero and negative. Let's not do the mathematics of weight in the battle of curvaceous vs skinny coz it will make you bonker. 
Bust size of 31 inches, waist of 23 inches and 32 inches of hip. Eat well and let's not complicate the world as half of the world are dying of hunger. Let's not burden the world. Zero Diet Plan is an absolute No No. Get rid of this syndrome and eat well people. Be comfy in what you are and twiterrazi stop being gung-go with this bull shit called size zero.

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