Happy Birthday to my idol & inspiration, Amitabh Bachchan

Happy Birthday to the man,

on whose movies I grew up,

who gave me memories to cherish on celluloid.

An inspiration who made me dream in every single moment as he captured imaginations and emotions.

He made me laugh, cry, dance and sing, imitating his rich, baritone voice.

The man who made me love movies and who charmed me to his way.

His fight against the system taught me that it's perfectly alright to be angry, at times, with life that can be unfair.

He was the dream of every child, each one of us wanted to be like him.

His persona, charisma, tall shadow.

Mouthing his dialogues make us believe in the self.

I modeled my hair style on him as he gave me an identity.

I wanted to be him.

But, there is only one like him, my hero worship and a cult that grow bigger and bigger every single day.

Happy birthday to my childhood hero on whose movies I grew,

the one & only,

Amitabh Bachchan.

Happy wala budday, Sir,

as you turn 72.

With Love and Devotion

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