The Bride's Blissful Night

It's her night! Tomorrow, she will be adorned in the most expensive gold ornaments and her favorite lehenga, crafted by the designer, famous for dressing up the who's who's of fashion, films and upper crust of society. 
The marriage was arranged by her industrial father with the son of his business partner, Rajveer, Harvard-educated and settled in United States. When her father brought the proposal, Anjali developed cold feet since it was her childhood dream to wait for her Knight in shining armour who would sweep her off the feet as they would gallop their way to heavenly bliss. 

The father made her understand that the perfect love story exist only in films and what matters is that she wouldn't be deprived of the luxury of life. After all, every girl needs financial security. Anjali is the epitome of the doting daughter who would never be allowed to traveled by bus or local train. She was chauffeur driven in Mumbai and surrounded by servants in their posh Bandra Bungalow at Bandstand.
Tonight, Anjali decided that she would enjoy her night to the fullest as a single girl. After coaxing her father, the latter decided to give her night of freedom in the company of her gang of girls. Anjali was excited, "Today, I will drink like a fish and make it my honeymoon night.'
It was 10 P.M when they booked themselves in the posh, five-star hotel, close to Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Anjali wore a tensed look, puffing cigarettes. She reflects, "Am I doing something wrong and immoral? I am in two minds but the truth is that I want to enjoy today as if there is no tomorrow." Rajveer is settled in US. It took Anjali a long time to convince her fiance to settle in Mumbai but, only, after she agreeing to spend a whole year with him in New York.  
Finally, the time has come. It was her big night before the D-Day. Adenaline pumped through her body and her heart is beating frantically. She poured a large whisky in the glass and gulped it neat. Her best friend yells, "Come fast, baby. The guys are here." After all, it's her bachelorette party. Decked in a yellow saree, , she slowly walked towards the venue as the few males, moving their hips danced to the tune of Kamli, Ishq Kamine and Chamak Challo. Anjali would be having the time of her life. The guys are struggling models who are trying to make a mark in the super competitive fashion industry in Mumbai and their comrades, imported from France, England and UK swirl their body seductively in front of women, dressed as brides as they ogled at the men. 
As the music plays louder, the male dancers slowly flings their shirts and trousers on the woman who fight with each other to grab the clothes as if it was the cricket ball. The women shouted their lungs out, "We want more and remove everything." The men raises the tempo, pushing their body to an octane level as the girls gape at the flab and marveling at the almost naked men parading in front of them. 
It was past 2 a.m when the party came to an end and their dancers, chosen by their women, escorted the latter to their hotel rooms for a stormy night. Anjali glances at her watch, "Fuck it's 2 a.m and it's my big night. I gotta be ready at 10 in the morning. But, I ain't gotta let my night go waste. After all, I am a woman and have needs to fulfilled like every human being. Tonight is the night of salvation."
She nods to the dancer, dressed in a white underwear who is looking straight into her eyes. "My God! This is a man. Look at the passion and confidence in his eyes, comfortable in his only asset, the white jockey." She is sloshed and walks clumsily towards him, "Hey! Why you standing alone? I wanna take you for hire." Anjali ran her hand on his face and drags him inside the room.
Deep inside, she didn't feel what she was doing isright. The effect of alcohol and ganja gave her the confidence and she couldn't hold herself, flirting shamelessly with the stranger, a dancer flown from France with whom she would share her body with. She winks, "Baby, just give me ten minutes"
Anjali got inside the washroom and lay naked in the basin as she opened the tap, water flowing on her body, caressing her navel, breasts and her thighs. She stood and looks at herself in the mirror. "This guilt feeling is killing me."
Anjali wore her Red lehenge that would make her the most adorable bride in the world today as she would step in with Rajveer, entered the vows of marriage. Today, she decided that she would walk the path of fire and nothing on earth could hold her back. Anjali traipses inside the dim-light bedroom as Christopher, her lover for the night, couldn't stop admiring her, decked as the bride. She sat on the bed, giving seductive look to Christophe, biting her lips and smiling sensually.
Anjali sat, her bare back giving a sensual view to Christophe, urging him to untie the lace on her lehenga. He slowly caresses her back, running his fingers on her neck and reaching down towards her waist. Christophe untied the lace with his tooth as the garment slips from this hand. He bit Anjali on her ear. She couldn't hold herself and deep inside, there was an invisible power that was drawing her to the stranger. They kissed voraciously as he caresses her navel, his hand slowly removing her bra. She gapes for breath, experiencing the sensation of pain and pleasure. Tears rolled down her cheek. Christophe's palm traveled on her boobs. Anjali bit his neck, scratching his back with her finger and in the flurry of passion, her engagement ring fell slipped from her finger to roll on the marbled floor.
Anjali feels free and relieved as a person. She submits hersel to Christophe who kisses her on the neck, going from top to toe, playing with his fingers that he ran on her legs. Anjali is smiling and longing to be one with Christophe. He got inside her and she wanted to say, "Please don't stop and let's travel the route nobody dared to travel with me.
Anjali's fulfilled her needs and couldn't stop thinking about her new leash of life and identity. She hugs Christophe and planted a kiss on his lips. She wanted to say, "Perhaps, you are a stranger to me and you are oblivious how you gave me an identity. It may be your profession to entertain women but you've given me something priceless. I am a woman who has a heart to love, crave for lust and desires. It's my right. I am proud to be myself. I have an identity."
As she walks the Saat Phere with Rajveer, Anjali realizes that the guilt feeling has disappeared. She feels complete as a human being who has no regret in fulfilling her needs as a human being. As they walk to take the blessing of the family, she is glowing in her red lehenga and feeling fresh inside because she has shed out the cloak of pretense and inhibitions. It was her night. Today, is a new day and Anjali is focused on making new memories in her new life and leaving the past behind.

PS: This is pure imagination and fiction. Hope you people will like it.
With Love
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