We are all 'Ceiling Fans' of Rakhi Sawant

Who stole my good ole ceiling fan? Trust Rakhi Sawant to save me from the jaw of death and preventing me from committing 'suicide'? How I wish Rakhi was born before Sholay was made!! There would be no suicide scene...Dharam Paaji mouthing three times 'Suicide, Suicide and Suicide' and she would steal him right under the nose of Hema Malini. Maushi would die of heart attack on the spot and no Lambu would go to coax her to marry Basanti to Veeru. Just imagine the new version of Sholay with Rakhi Sawant. Bechariyon!! Basanti and Mausi would be outta job.
I am a big 'Ceiling Fan' of Rakhi Sawant for solving the problem of suicide in a jifffy. Our Mika Singh must be wondering on inviting her for the next birthday party to blow all the balloons  and getting rid of all ceiling fans in his apartment. Guess, there would be no smoochie smoochie this time but only ceiling fan removal like hair transplant. Now, Mika is getting all the grey cells working on how he would look on Comedy Nights Bachao with one single thread on his head. First there was Garibi Hatao and now Ceiling Fan Hatao.
Trust Rakhi Sawant to solve all national issues in the country and me heard, that her 'ceiling fan' removal will prevent earth quake from happening in the world. We would be saved from corruption for you know ceiling fans offer fresh air on the head of our netas how to take kickback on fat projects. 
Our Rakhi is joining the brigade of bans and the latest victim of course is our dear old Godrej and Usha ceiling fans. Ab ceiling fan ko kaun bachaega Rakhi Sawant se. Bhago yaar!! Bhago!! Rakhi Sawant se bhago!! The only person who is safe! No prize for guessing! Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Farhan, you are safe, man.

Image credit: google India

I am a fan. I oft repeat. A huge 'ceiling fan' of Rakhi Sawant for solving all problems on the earth. You know the solution right! Hey!! hey!! She can the self-appointment ambassador to make Donald Trump run away from 'Primaries' oops 'ceiling fan'. No banning of beef, no Ghar Waapsi. It's the banning of ceiling fan. BJP, are you listening? After all, what all the hullaboo of preserving Indian culture and tradition when Rakhi Sawant has solved everything chutki mein. Ab aayega asli mazaa. Trust Rohit Shetty to make her first female oriented action movie with Rakhi Sawant in the lead to blow all ceiling fans in houses, cinema, office and where not!! Rohit Shetty, just one problem. How about putting ceiling fans on the trees, next to traffic lights and crowded streets. Don't worry, Be Happy. Rakhi is here to blow them apart.
I trust the Indian Government is (not) getting ideas of appointing Rakhi Sawant the next brand ambassador of 'Swach ceiling fan abhiyaan' to ban the unban: 'Ceiling Fans.' Or, being made the Minister of Ceiling Fans. Lara Croft is already getting competition for our own desi version in taking on her in the destruction spree of the poor and defense less ceiling fan. First there was tobacco companies and now ceiling fans companies to shut shop in becoming 'ceiling fans' of Rakhi Sawant. Aren't we all?!
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