A 100 crore tale of Love Jihad, Chicken and Beef in Kamasutra Land

I am feeling bored today till I started playing the game of Love Jihad. I throw the dice to entrap someone, an invisible victim. The game of entrapment, zeroing on my catch, some innocent girl, flirt with her, promise her love and marriage, then break her heart. Amen!

That makes for the script of 100 crores blockbuster, scripted by the likes of RSS and the great Yogi Adityanath as the savior in the breath-taking climax. Our new-age superman has taken upon himself to save the lives of million innocent girls in the magnum-opus 'Love Jihad.' A script tailor made for success: Man in beard zooming past on the motorcycle as the Hindu girl, clad in Salwar Kameez, red bangles and red Bhindi, hop on in the name of love. You know the rest! If you don't, Hindu outfits will tell you the story coz they will narrate the concocted soup of threat to spill down your throat.

See, the Hindu religion is in danger na coz of Loove Jihad hell bent in destroying man kind. What a formula for success! This will put the likes of Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty to shame. In this RSS Kahani, there is no twist coz you see vultures are hell bent to make our girls fall in love with them and force them to convert. Romeo Jihad! Beware of Love Jihad! Why? Baby! Proponents of Hinditva agenda are telling and you must  listen to them. It's their script, their movie. Have you bought the tickets? Totally free of cost. Unplugged propaganda of fear. Now, they are turning into vigilante in our University campuses coz the world, oops sorry!, their religion is in danger of being possessed by Love Jihad. I tell you, Valentine celebration is against our culture and is such a westernized concept. Now, see how Love Jihad is making a comeback to force things down the throat of our girls and they wanna rope us after brain-washing our heads. You see! The perfect script of 100 crores votes!

Have you said secularism? What is that! According to them, there is only Hindutva which is the perfect package, designed to delete secularism and the fabric of the Indian constitution. Didn't someone said that everyone is a Hindu in India? Now, why are you scoffing at them? You find it funny, na. Must be! Beware, they don't find it funny coz we belong to the land of Lord Rama, declaring war on Love Jihad, no chicken and Beef! We are so pure that Kamasutra exist only in our dirty minds. We, young people, are so polluted coz we believe in love and making friends with people, irrespective of their ethnic or religious belonging. We are the ignorant youth of India who should be taught the conspiracy of Love-Jihad which is destroying our religion and our girls. If we fail to adhere to their logic, we should be beaten up every Valentine Day coz we are wiping our religion and not being able to save our girls. Beti Bahu Bachao! Declare war on love Jihad!

See, we are only capable of making love and not war. But, who will tell them this? They don't want to see us  united like Sooraj Bharjatya's Hum Saath Saath Hai! After all, it's a question of their pro-Hindutva sick agenda that sucks like rotten tomato. Suddenly, I am wondering how they would call Hindu boys falling in love with Muslim girls! The boys must be innocent that the Muslim girls are putting a Jaal-The Trap, to ensnare the poor boys, na! It's Pyar Pyar Pyar vs Maar Maar Maar, the RSS way! A new script, changed to suit their 'religious' sensibility of hatred. Wait! Howz about forming an outfit against hatred to destroy their proxy war?

We shall walk the tight rope to spread love and only love minus Jihad. Our Jihad will be filled with feeling will of love and we shall them some flowers and 'Get Well Soon' card the Munna way. It shall be our war against the force of terror and our Love Jihad against violence, brain-washing and hatred. Till then, let me enjoy my chicken Briyani made with love and feast on secular food.

With Love
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