12 Most Favorite Things

Our life can be crazy and chaotic, isn't it? A roller-coaster ride filled with fun stuffs and doing our perso-cum- favorite stuffs like a strict disciplinarian in life. As we grow more mature in life coupled with unexpected surprises, twists and turns flung at us, we never stop doing our favorite things.
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1. Reading
I loove reading a lot, be it romance, biography, poems and fictions. Books has been my loyal companion since childhood and it's the most trust worthy friend that accompanies me in tedious bus or train journey. I often sit in the cafe, relaxing with a book. Recently, been reading quite a few e-books which is quite a task but I lap them on my I-pad. Trust me, I can do with 100 pages e-books but not the lengthy ones. Give me a printed copy any day. There was a time I used to buy paper back every single week on the road stalls in South Mumbai or on my way at Bandra. Does it get better than that?

2. Coffee

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee to kick start the lazy morning and enjoying the coffee grains that stimulate the brain. I am a coffee person and there is no excuse to skip the grains to help me face the day.

3. Blogging

Blogging has become the love of my life where I pour out my emotions, script stories and poems. It's a space where I connect with like-minded souls, reading their thoughts and bonding. I made so many good friends in the blogo-sphere and they never shy away from making me laugh, point at flows and motivate me in life.

4. Movies

I cannot live without movies. It's my first love and a passionate affair that makes it two hours of non-stop entertainment. It won't be wrong to say that it gives me the kick to laugh and think passionately about issues. I love all of them, brainless entertainment, artsy and meaningful cinema since I believe either you make a good or bad movie. So, what if I have not been able to make it in films? At least, I get to enjoy them full swing.

5. People

I loove meeting, speaking to people and, man, I can be quite a good listener. It's always good to meet people physically or the online space, get a hook of their thoughts and may be, translate into stories. I love the entertainment quotient and the bond cemented over time. Nothing beats a good conversation. Ok! There are people whom I wished I'd never met coz they can bore me to death. But, then, I guess, every child is special.

6. Music

I crave for good music that makes the day go rock steady. I was never able to study for exams without my precious music and have quite a collection of songs on the lap top, 70s. 80s. Awesome 90s, Indi-Pop and recent ones accumulated during the years. As a student, I spent a fortune investing in cassettes and audio. Guess, now, everything is available at one click.

7. Television

Yeah! Me love watching TV but not the typical idiotic Saas Bahu soap operas but shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati. Comedy Nights with Kapil, Jhalak Dikla Jaa, MTV Splitsvilla. It's fun. And, of course, news and debates on NDTV and Headlines TV coz this is what I get in my part of the globe.

8. Magazines and newspaper

Social media and e-stuffs or not, I loove collection magazines and stuffs. I have quite a few treasure trove made of Filmfare, Stardust, Cineblitz. Femina, Society, Cosmopolitan and, of course, TOI Sunday that I get to quite late. I would buy filmi mags every week during the college days and I am very proud of my collector's edition. Nothing can beat the joy of holding glossies in the hands.

9. Trains

I loove traveling by trains and the act of hopping on a crowded local still excite me like I am traveling for the first time. It's like falling in love. The rattling sound, mad dash and the crazy people. It's something I truly miss since I am not in India right now.

10. Chattting

First there was yahoo chat, then Orkut, Facebook but loove pinging friends on G-chat. I prefer the G over the FB thing. which I have de-activated to get a life. My favorite people are on G-chat and indulging in some fun is a routine activity that can never bore. It gives the feeling that we've never left and we are so close to each other. Thank to the almighty for that.

11. Long walks

Enjoy taking long walks which is so refreshing and can recharge my energy cells after to beat tiredness and depression. I love winter walks but also sweating it in the summer.

12. Talking to self

I love talking to myself and do it all the time, on the street, at the desk or while lazing on the bed. Self-talk brings out the best in me and blog-cum-short story ideas often sprout from the crazy conversation with yours truly.

Hope you enjoyed my list.

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