Happy Friendship Day!!!

True Friendship withstand the test of times

A prayer for togetherness,
the season may change but vows and bond of friendship stand strong.
The waves will turn strong and wild,
but our friendship and unflinching belief in each other will sustain the rough weather.
Happy Friendship.

Hey folks,

Today is Friendship Day. A day when we remember our friends with whom we made memories, laughed like crazy, shed bucket of tears and played pranks. True friends are the ones with whom we shared our dreams, no matter how silly and with whom we can be ourselves.

 Our belief in friendship is beyond the colorful bands tied on the wrist and with every passing year, our ties grew stronger. Some have moved places and made new friends, the rest have forgotten us in this materialistic world. But, the emotions remain the same. Friendship is a sacred prayer where we were taught to move the world for each other and with whom, we spent priceless moments.
Happy Friendship Day.
With Love

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